Engagement Leader

Successful candidates will stand out in how they can independently lead engagements using unique problem-solving approaches, creative technical and analytical methods, coupled with an ability to synthesize and clearly communicate insights into clear, actionable recommendations – whether to the CEO or front-line operations manager. They can also show how they can own the recommendations, with the client, and lead a combined client and P&C team to implement the changes. Strategy, presence, searing insights, and ability to implement and execute are critical for this role.

Successful candidates will also possess the candor, conviction, and courage to challenge the status quo within an organization and raise cultural or systemic issues – in a professional manner – and work with the client to address or capitalize on. They are also excited by the opportunity to continue to grow and learn as part of a talented internal team who uses every opportunity to gain greater personal knowledge and experience.

Finally, they are inspirational leaders, sought out by clients to conduct further engagements or provide needed advice without ever feeling they need to “sell.” They energize their team members and are respected ambassadors of the firm.

On a typical engagement, they will execute against project plans set by the client, themselves, and the Practice Leader. They will guide the client deliverables and work through challenges and opportunities to gather the information necessary to conduct analyses, synthesize results, and make recommendations. This will be done with a healthy and pragmatic sense of urgency that’s consistently and subtly articulated to the client and becomes a source of inspiration for the client.

They will either conduct directly or oversee core analyses with a high degree of accuracy, then use the results to formulate strategic insights for clients – within agreed budget and timeframe. They will show strength in:

  • Problem Solving Creativity

  • Team Work – Across All Levels

  • Leadership – People, Knowledge, and Growth

  • Project Leadership – Operational, Analytical, and Cultural

  • Communication – Synthesis into Practical Recommendations

Skills and Experience

  • 10+ years of professional experience with at least 5+ years’ experience at a combination of leading, tier 1 consulting firms and as a leader at a top technology firm with a market leading professional services organization – e.g. Oracle, PeopleSoft, Deloitte Consulting, etc. and/or Executive or Founder at a technology services start-up.

  • Excellent Communication Skills – written and verbal through various mediums/applications

  • Global perspective and experience and willingness to travel frequently

  • Education: Advanced Degree – Masters from a leading school or program. Additional education a plus – Six Sigma, strategy and innovation, applications, systems, etc.

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