Make Your Brand’s Nickname Work for You

Who uses a brand nickname matters. When consumers use them, it makes the information in
their posts appear more credible and authentic; however, when a brand uses its own nickname, it can have the opposite effect. While a consumer’s use of a nickname sends the message of a genuine relationship with/trust in the brand, a company’s use can come across as promotional and manipulative. This doesn’t mean that brands shouldn’t engage with their nicknames; but instead, engage in the right way. This article includes some good advice: stay abreast of your brand nicknames; do include nicknames in your SEO strategy; legally protect your brand nicknames; and do not force a nickname on your consumers. Based on P&C’s extensive work with luxury brands, airlines, and retail establishments, we agree that great nicknames can be one of the greatest gifts that consumers give to a brand they love. As marketers, though, we all need to be cautious regarding how to use them.

Read the full article, here.

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