Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better.

For Nike or Adidas, a focus on selling projects would mean helping someone do something more specific, such as running the Boston Marathon. Nike or Adidas could provide you with their traditional sports gear, but in addition they could include a training program, a dietary plan, a coach, and a monitoring system to help you achieve your dream. The project would have a clear goal (finish the marathon) and a clear start and end date.  And that is just one type of project. More so than products, the possibilities with projects are endless.

The financial and customer relationship advantages are obvious, but as the writer of the article points out – there are also some sizeable challenges to address.

We encourage you to stop for a moment and consider what your organization is selling. Is it a project? Increasingly, the answer is clear and affirmative. If not, beware, your products might soon become part of a project sold by someone else.

Read the full Harvard Business Review article, here.

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