Stop Telling Employees to Be Resilient

Lately, it seems as if “resilience” has popped up as the answer to just about everything. As the past few years have proved, uncertainty and challenging situations are often beyond our control. But exactly how leaders respond is definitely in our control. This article highlights five actions that leaders can implement to support a more resilient workplace: 1) Make well-being a collective practice. 2) Look back at how far you’ve come as a team. 3) Use one-on-one meetings wisely. 4) Understand and adjust for different emotional expression tendencies. 5) Create a shared language. My favorite is number 2 because in a global consulting business, like ours, we tend to keep pushing forward to the next challenge, the next project, and honestly, addressing the next global catastrophe. When we stop and recognize all that we’ve accomplished and how many people we have touched, it is not only satisfying but also energizing so that we are positioned and mentally prepared to meet the next challenge. Please reach out to me to discuss your strategies and challenges to creating more resilient organizations.

Read the full article, here.

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