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Reinventing a Global Hospitality Leader

Our work with this client has spanned the gamut from business model redefinition to operational change and social responsibility commitment; this video highlights key changes including the transition to an asset-light lifestyle platform, the expansion to new geographies and lines of business, process responses to COVID-19, and community support endeavors.

Differentiated Product Development and Launch: HygieneShield Dishwashers

Responding to a broad consumer need to affirmatively sanitize dishes, P&C worked with client designers and engineers to bring to market this superior technology using high temperature water and steam. Insights-based product innovation supported by aligned manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and customer care yielded significant growth across their product portfolio.

Commitment to Responsible Fashion

We believe that brands must be authentic and actively reflect their core values. Here, we partnered with Galeries Lafayette to integrate their ethos of social responsibility into their merchandising and buying functions, and communicate that commitment to consumers via the “Go For Good” program.

France Is in the Air

As part of a comprehensive performance improvement program, P&C partnered with the client to redesign their end-to-end customer experience, including cabin design. This refresh covered all service classes and customer segments, ranging from strategic decisions to design details.

Recruiting the Best Talent Is Essential to Success for a Preeminent Global Law Firm

Recruitment of the very best talent for a market leading global law firm requires effective, comprehensive strategies and a communications campaign that captures the imagination and compels the audience to action.  P&C partner with the client to redesign their talent acquisition, onboarding, development, and retention strategies and developed a multi-channel communications campaign which – together —delivered transformative results.

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