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High-End Venues Transform from Retail Shopping to a Vibrant Community Assets

P&C guided this global property owner to step outside of their box and creatively think of their assets as more than shopping centres, and instead, gathering spots to physically connect with others in an increasingly isolated world.

We helped transform this company’s properties into community assets with highly sought-out entertainment venues and digital consumer experiences.

By bringing together innovative technologies and the infrastructure, safety systems, carefully cultivated partners to provide entertainment and connected customer experiences, and the people to maintain it, stores and restaurants are now extending their hours to support increased foot traffic, and the company is benefitting from a significant increase in revenues and profits. 

Technology Transforms Retail Weariness Into Winning Customer Experiences

How can you reach consumers and build brand loyalty for a big box retailer with hundreds of stores located in overcrowded, hypercompetitive cities in congested urban centres?

With an incredibly intuitive user-friendly technology powered by AI and same-day home delivery. Our challenge was to improve ease of business, handle a broad product assortment, intice people back into the stores, and provide a comfortable, superior shopping experience—regardless of age.

By using AI, geolocation technology, hardened tablets, and same-day home delivery (all items or just out of stock items), P&C was able to transform these stores and win over consumers –increasing same store sales by 9% YOY.

We were successful in transforming the customer experience and increasing same store visits, while boosting customer satisfaction and revenue.

Transforming Shipping with Autonomous Navigation

P&C helps clients identify and capture whitespace opportunities. Although marine transportation has existed for millennia, shippers traditionally have lacked a cost-effective express mode.

To accomplish this, we partnered with IBM to develop an autonomous marine navigation capability for a multi-industry global conglomerate, harnessing cutting edge artificial intelligence tools to integrate complex sensor inputs and deliver safe and reliable passage.

Mastery in the Sky Treats Guests to the Ultimate Travel Experiences

This preeminent leader in luxury travel experiences turned to P&C to innovate its next generation of luxury travel, challenging us to take it up a notch and create something that never before existed.

P&C’s expertise in luxury travel and customer experience design, consumer behavior, data science, and the travel and tourism industry—combined with our long term relationship with the client—made us a logical choice. In many ways, the private jet program, now in its eighth year and redesigned in-cabin experience in place and expanding, is the pinnacle of our track record of success, offering clients the ultimate brand-loyalty experience.

Differentiated Product Development and Launch: HygieneShield Fridge Freezers

Responding to a consumer need to affirmatively sanitize refrigerated foods, P&C worked with client designers and engineers to bring to market this superior technology using ultraviolet light. Insights-based product innovation supported by aligned manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and customer care yielded significant growth across their product portfolio.

Goldman Sachs: Day in the Life

Particularly for professional services organizations such as Goldman Sachs, human capital is of the utmost concern. Here, we engaged with them to maximize their ability to attract top tier talent across a broad array of candidate segments.

Building a Property Management Platform

The convenient bundling of amenities and services can create a powerful and distinctive value proposition for residents along with attractive returns to property developers; here, our client delivers integrated services through a seamless digital portal.

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