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NDC Platform Unites Airline Industry Players

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, represents a fundamental change in the travel industry: enabling innovation, personalization, and brand recognition within a single technology platform. P&C helped create the strategy behind this new approach to delivering airline content across multiple channels and bringing a seamless shopping experience to customers.

Building a Comprehensive Set of Product Features

A diverse set of distinctive, value-added features can drive strong differentiation in the minds of consumers; here, our client describes a range of such capabilities for an oven including steam injection, automatic heating, and streamlined cleaning.

Communicating the Essence of a Global Brand

We believe in the power of brands.  As a capstone of a comprehensive, firm-wide digital transformation initiative for one of the world’s leading law firms, this campaign introduces and reinforces the client’s brand as an agile, dynamic, bold, and sophisticated global market leader.

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