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Visual Brand Captures a Nation’s Legacy

P&C worked in partnership with Singapore Airlines to refresh the airline’s visual brand, inspired by the rich heritage of a nation. The new logo alludes to the country’s garden city heritage and transports it into the future.

Celebrating Runway Moments

The fashion runway is an essential opportunity for couture brands to present their designs to key buyers and consumers. Here, P&C helped one client achieve their vision with a signature presentation and collection launch approach backed by an industry best-of-class ecommerce and supply chain platforms.

Discover the Island of VAN

With our background in merchandising, we assist airlines such as this client in marketing their destinations to stimulate demand, in this case the ancient city of Van, Turkey.

Developing Retail Stores Into Experience Destinations

In an era of ubiquitous brick and mortar and e-commerce competition, we believe it is crucial for retailers–and particularly luxury retailers–to differentiate themselves based upon overarching customer experiences; here, we combine a cocktail bar, restaurant, and a digital content studio into a unique venue.

Luxury Retailer as a Patron of the Arts

To accentuate the brand identity of this client at the crossroads of art and culture, we collaborated to pursue a number of artistic endeavors which articulate their support for the arts; here, artist Matthew Darbyshire arrives at The Art Block with three figurative works that play with, subvert, and interrogate familiar classical symbols.

Harrod’s – Dressing for Paris Fashion Week

Ever respectful, thoughtful, and tasteful, P&C partners with luxury retailers to educate and inform crucial customer segments such as Paris Fashion Week participants, transitioning from isolated interactions towards long-term brand loyalty.

Linking Landmarks with Emotional Appeal

Art at its best can both resonate and integrate; here, we worked with this property development client responsible for the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall to unveil a “Love Me” commission on Valentine’s Day that playfully reflects both those landmarks.

Connecting and Inspiring with Art

In a massive mixed use development such as Downtown Dubai, art installations can both connect diverse attractions and enhance the ambience of the overall environment; this innovative project accomplishes both those objectives.

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