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AI at the Inflection Point of Transforming the Shipping Industry

Aptly named, the Mayflower 400 is a nod to the original Mayflower that transported a group of English families to the New World, 400 years ago. After a grueling 10 weeks at sea, Mayflower, with 102 passengers and a crew of about 30, reached America. The new Mayflower is traveling the same seas albeit autonomously and powered by AI, with no passengers or crew onboard. Reinventing the cargo industry is IBM’s mission and P&C is at the center of it.

Connecting the Globe With an Efficient Fleet

An effective fleet management strategy is essential to success for a global airline.  A modern, spacious, comfortable, and highly efficient fleet not only optimizes costs but also vital to the many factors that lead to optimized revenues and an expansive global network.  An effective fleet management strategy enabled our client to take advantage of the Airbus A350, powering their network expansion to new International routes such as this one to San Francisco.  

Moving Beyond Traditional Equipment Finance

We approach product innovation by thinking expansively about the full footprint of customer needs. Here, we transformed a traditional equipment finance lending product into a broad solution across multiple industry verticals, asset types, and geographies.

Thriving Despite Challenging Times

Resiliency stems from thorough preparation. Partnering together to address issues ranging from fleet optimization and customer experience to pandemic response, Qatar Airways is positioned to grow both its network and market share during COVID-19.

The Simple Comfort of Booking the Empty Seat Next to Yours Is Far More Complex Than It Seems

Sometimes apparently simple process changes require deep technical expertise. Enabling additional seat reservations for this client entailed breaking the traditional one-to-one link between seats and passengers, a fundamental change cascading across Global Distribution Systems and the ecosystem of airline and travel agent reservation systems.

When You Are Ready to Fly, We Are Here

For airlines such as Qatar Airways, our COVID-19 response engagements are necessarily holistic. We consider the end-to-end customer experience, and apply protocols grounded in science as well as cutting edge technology to maximize passenger safety and comfort.

Sustainable Airline Fleet Management

With a strong focus upon fleet management with this client, our client achieved fuel efficiency, a higher standard of environmental sustainability, and ultimately an effective business model notwithstanding the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Commitment to Responsible Fashion – en français

Nous pensons que les marques doivent être authentiques et refléter activement leurs valeurs fondamentales. Ici, nous nous sommes associés aux Galeries Lafayette pour intégrer leur éthique de responsabilité sociale dans leurs fonctions de merchandising et d’achat, et communiquer cet engagement aux consommateurs via le programme «Go For Good».

Commitment to Responsible Fashion

We believe that brands must be authentic and actively reflect their core values. Here, we partnered with Galeries Lafayette to integrate their ethos of social responsibility into their merchandising and buying functions, and communicate that commitment to consumers via the “Go For Good” program.

Digitizing One of the World’s Busiest Airports in Response to a Pandemic

For our airport clients, pre-flight processes for COVID-19 represent some of the most elaborate responses to the pandemic. With this client, we redesigned a comprehensive set of traveler interactions, developed and deployed transformative technology solutions, and trained an entire workforce to address a wide array of business processes ranging from check-in to boarding.

Global Cargo Operations for Passenger Airlines

Cargo operations represent a significant line of business for our airline clients. This video highlights many of the unique capabilities and cargo types we developed with one of our clients, which became especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instilling Confidence With Rigorous Hygiene Protocols

The foundation of our pandemic response work with various clients involves rigorous application of hygiene protocols scientifically proven to be effective. For airlines such at Qatar Airways, this includes thorough cleaning of cabin interiors after every flight as well as pre-flight, in-flight, and arrival innovations and protocols.

Discover the Island of VAN

With our background in merchandising, we assist airlines such as this client in marketing their destinations to stimulate demand, in this case the ancient city of Van, Turkey.

We Are Air France

Our client organizations often serve as potent symbols and leaders. To reinforce this brand, we highlight its history, breadth, impact, and pivotal role aspiring towards the future.

France Is in the Air

As part of a comprehensive performance improvement program, P&C partnered with the client to redesign their end-to-end customer experience, including cabin design. This refresh covered all service classes and customer segments, ranging from strategic decisions to design details.

Launching a New Luxury Destination in Doha

P&C designs and implements integrated public relations and marketing campaigns in tandem with major launches. This media dinner in Doha generated immediate awareness and positive press for a luxury retail client entering a new market.

Transporting Precious Cargo

We believe organizations should search for opportunities to promote worthy causes while simultaneously pursuing business objectives; demonstrating unique air cargo services for a marine sanctuary is one such example.

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