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NDC Delivers on Promise for Major US Airline

P&C’s strategy continues to reap benefits. United Airlines’ executive speaks about its past, current, and future involvement in jointly mastering this major industry transformation. NDC allows them to make customers happy, personalize offers, and become true retailers.

New Technology Streamlines Passenger COVID-19 Compliance

A one-stop shop to meet COVID requirements securely and conveniently for airline travelers. P&C developed this app for our client, enabling passengers to demonstrate compliance with applicable health requirements and set the stage for the next generation of contactless check-in procedures.

Creating a Platform for Authenticated Travel

Responding to COVID-19, P&C developed this solution for IATA enabling airline passengers to demonstrate compliance with applicable health requirements, helping the industry recover over the near term and setting the stage for the next generation of contactless check-in procedures in the future.

NDC Platform Unites Airline Industry Players

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, represents a fundamental change in the travel industry: enabling innovation, personalization, and brand recognition within a single technology platform. P&C helped create the strategy behind this new approach to delivering airline content across multiple channels and bringing a seamless shopping experience to customers.

Outsourcing Focuses Tech Company on Its Core

Tech Company
Achieves Significant Cost Savings
By Adopting a Stringent Outsourcing Strategy

A technology company that had experienced massive revenue and share loss in the previous 3 years sought P&C’s help implementing a transformation program with a stringent sourcing strategy. P&C evaluated outsourcing options for business processes and IT and made recommendations that achieved $85 million in annual cost savings for the company.

P&C Helps This Client Focus on Core Competencies & Determine Outsourcing Opportunities

Our Tech Company client had experienced massive revenue and share loss during the previous three years, though the company had conserved cash through significant cost reductions. Management developed an ambitious strategy to transform the company by refocusing the organization on core competencies.

The P&C team provided solutions to the following questions:

  • What should be considered for outsourcing?
  • What’s the best end-game option (best-in-breed vs. one-stop)?
  • How do we rush through Request-for-Proposal (RFP) and negotiations without leaving money on the table?

The sense of urgency was high because our client needed to sign a contract in less than 9 months; however, there were a number of complications:

  • The company was completely vertically integrated for core products
  • An “I don’t trust foreigners” mentality prevailed
  • 75% of the executive team were new to the job
  • Many in the company were skeptical of outsourcing due to past failures
  • The client was in the midst of a transformation of its business model

P&C Considered the Outsourcing Potential Along Its Client’s Value Chain & Used a Systematic Approach to Evaluate the Sourcing Potential for Each Division

  • Operations (engineering, procurement, manufacturing)
  • Customer service and support (CS&S)
  • Warranty and repair
  • Support functions such as Finance and Accounting (F&A), HR and IT
  • Set Strategy & Key Success Factors

    • Understand client strategy and resulting market positioning
    • Determine factors key to successfully implementing strategy
    • Understand management’s goals on the company’s future
  • Diagnose Internal Activities

    • Create detailed process maps of activities under consideration
    • Proceed along the company’s value chain, division by division
    • Evaluate each activity against industry benchmarks
  • Map Activity Strength & Strategy

    • Evaluate importance of achieving key success factors
    • Map against performance against industry competitors
  • Filter Against External Market

    • Determine if external market exists
    • Define set of potential sourcing partners
    • Assess risk of utilizing external market
    • Evaluate in-house solution, based on management-initiated turnaround strategy
  • Develop Sourcing End State

    • Develop action plan by and across activities
    • Assess high level organization impact
    • Objectively compare in-house vs. outsourced solutions with respect to risk/reward

Our Recommendations

Vendor Identification & Selection

  • Launch request for information (RFI) and thorough RFP process
  • Select potential suppliers based on agreed-to criteria developed with the client’s key stakeholders

Deal & Contract Negotiation

  • Execute thorough due diligence
  • Build base case model, normalize bids, and ensure price flexibility
  • Develop and negotiate service level objectives and service level commitments
  • Start deal promptly to stay within requested nine-month timeframe

Transition and Migration

  • Maintain focus on day-to-day responsibilities
  • Align organization with outsourcing effort

A Few Basic Takeaways Proved to be Essential:

  • Ground sourcing in company strategy
  • Determining relative performance
  • Assessing external market opportunities
  • Investing in a robust, multi-sourced RFP process
  • Addressing implementation issues early

Within 9-Months, P&C Created Significant Value For Its Tech Client, Totaling ↑75X P&C’s Fees

  • $8M in cost savings from IT outsourcing (ITO)
  • $25M in a one-time asset impairment write-off
  • $23M in cost savings from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), including outsourcing 50% of Finance operations and 85% of Human Resources operations
  • Service levels at or better than current levels, including continuous improvement efforts

*We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.

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Goldman Sachs: Day in the Life

Particularly for professional services organizations such as Goldman Sachs, human capital is of the utmost concern. Here, we engaged with them to maximize their ability to attract top tier talent across a broad array of candidate segments.

The Simple Comfort of Booking the Empty Seat Next to Yours Is Far More Complex Than It Seems

Sometimes apparently simple process changes require deep technical expertise. Enabling additional seat reservations for this client entailed breaking the traditional one-to-one link between seats and passengers, a fundamental change cascading across Global Distribution Systems and the ecosystem of airline and travel agent reservation systems.

Agile Pandemic Response

Our deep experience with the travel industry and technology development enabled P&C to assist our airline clients to respond rapidly to COVID-19. Here, Qatar Airways introduces at home printing of baggage tags as part of contactless check-in procedures for international travel.

Open Platform Strategy Reinvents Travel Industry

Travel industry, redefined. P&C helped cultivate the concept for a global market technology leader to realize its vision of broadening their business to envelop all aspects of travel, while creating an open platform for others to join this emerging transformative ecosystem.

Reimaging the Passenger Travel Experience to Ensure Health and Safety at Scale

P&C’s approach to COVID-19 response considers all aspects of customer experience and blends process design with technology implementation. At Etihad Airways, this resulted in a completely transformed set of interactions, ranging from touchless elevators and infrared temperature scanning at the airport to Wellness Ambassadors prior to and during flights.

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