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When You Are Ready to Fly, We Are Here

For airlines such as Qatar Airways, our COVID-19 response engagements are necessarily holistic. We consider the end-to-end customer experience, and apply protocols grounded in science as well as cutting edge technology to maximize passenger safety and comfort.

Commitment to Responsible Fashion – en français

Nous pensons que les marques doivent être authentiques et refléter activement leurs valeurs fondamentales. Ici, nous nous sommes associés aux Galeries Lafayette pour intégrer leur éthique de responsabilité sociale dans leurs fonctions de merchandising et d’achat, et communiquer cet engagement aux consommateurs via le programme «Go For Good».

Commitment to Responsible Fashion

We believe that brands must be authentic and actively reflect their core values. Here, we partnered with Galeries Lafayette to integrate their ethos of social responsibility into their merchandising and buying functions, and communicate that commitment to consumers via the “Go For Good” program.

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