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NDC Delivers on Promise for Major US Airline

P&C’s strategy continues to reap benefits. United Airlines’ executive speaks about its past, current, and future involvement in jointly mastering this major industry transformation. NDC allows them to make customers happy, personalize offers, and become true retailers.

Visual Brand Captures a Nation’s Legacy

P&C worked in partnership with Singapore Airlines to refresh the airline’s visual brand, inspired by the rich heritage of a nation. The new logo alludes to the country’s garden city heritage and transports it into the future.

New Technology Streamlines Passenger COVID-19 Compliance

A one-stop shop to meet COVID requirements securely and conveniently for airline travelers. P&C developed this app for our client, enabling passengers to demonstrate compliance with applicable health requirements and set the stage for the next generation of contactless check-in procedures.

Creating a Platform for Authenticated Travel

Responding to COVID-19, P&C developed this solution for IATA enabling airline passengers to demonstrate compliance with applicable health requirements, helping the industry recover over the near term and setting the stage for the next generation of contactless check-in procedures in the future.

NDC Platform Unites Airline Industry Players

NDC, or New Distribution Capability, represents a fundamental change in the travel industry: enabling innovation, personalization, and brand recognition within a single technology platform. P&C helped create the strategy behind this new approach to delivering airline content across multiple channels and bringing a seamless shopping experience to customers.

Connecting the Globe With an Efficient Fleet

An effective fleet management strategy is essential to success for a global airline.  A modern, spacious, comfortable, and highly efficient fleet not only optimizes costs but also vital to the many factors that lead to optimized revenues and an expansive global network.  An effective fleet management strategy enabled our client to take advantage of the Airbus A350, powering their network expansion to new International routes such as this one to San Francisco.  

Reinventing a Global Hospitality Leader

Our work with this client has spanned the gamut from business model redefinition to operational change and social responsibility commitment; this video highlights key changes including the transition to an asset-light lifestyle platform, the expansion to new geographies and lines of business, process responses to COVID-19, and community support endeavors.

Thriving Despite Challenging Times

Resiliency stems from thorough preparation. Partnering together to address issues ranging from fleet optimization and customer experience to pandemic response, Qatar Airways is positioned to grow both its network and market share during COVID-19.

The Simple Comfort of Booking the Empty Seat Next to Yours Is Far More Complex Than It Seems

Sometimes apparently simple process changes require deep technical expertise. Enabling additional seat reservations for this client entailed breaking the traditional one-to-one link between seats and passengers, a fundamental change cascading across Global Distribution Systems and the ecosystem of airline and travel agent reservation systems.

Agile Pandemic Response

Our deep experience with the travel industry and technology development enabled P&C to assist our airline clients to respond rapidly to COVID-19. Here, Qatar Airways introduces at home printing of baggage tags as part of contactless check-in procedures for international travel.

When You Are Ready to Fly, We Are Here

For airlines such as Qatar Airways, our COVID-19 response engagements are necessarily holistic. We consider the end-to-end customer experience, and apply protocols grounded in science as well as cutting edge technology to maximize passenger safety and comfort.

Sustainable Airline Fleet Management

With a strong focus upon fleet management with this client, our client achieved fuel efficiency, a higher standard of environmental sustainability, and ultimately an effective business model notwithstanding the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Open Platform Strategy Reinvents Travel Industry

Travel industry, redefined. P&C helped cultivate the concept for a global market technology leader to realize its vision of broadening their business to envelop all aspects of travel, while creating an open platform for others to join this emerging transformative ecosystem.

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