The Expanding Scope Of Customer Experience And Its Role In A Modern Enterprise

Looking to drive business success in this economy?  Customer experience (or CX) is evolving with technology. For instance, we’re already deploying ChatGPT for increased operational efficiency by summarizing thousands of customers’ verbatims into a paragraph. Generative AI models can create ‘almost real’ test datasets in seconds, capturing the intent behind what a person is saying. There are a few different ways we need to look at customer experience today using terabytes of data and feedback from multiple sources that were not part of how we looked at it in the past. It’s imperative that customer experience metrics play a larger role, alongside of traditional measures like P&L or EBITDA. Technology is getting a lot smarter, too. Big data, AI-powered analytics, and generative AI are enabling greater personalization to better tailor the customer’s experience to their preferences. P&C is deploying these technologies to deliver better insights and exceptional CX outcomes for our clients.

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