Unpacking 5 Myths About Management

Let’s unpack some of these myths together.

  1. Do we all need stretch goals? A given situation may actually demand persevering with incremental improvements, especially if the organization does not have much stretch left in it.
  2. Performance targets may not be enough. You need a wide range of measure to understand what is actually going on and what matters.
  3. Regarding the war for talent—the true war for talent—includes domain competence as well as leadership. After all, it’s the performance of the average many, not the talented few, that is the true mark of a great organization.
  4. On the issue of leadership vs. management, all executives have to both manage resources and lead their people—not one at the expense of the other.
  5. No Rules, Rules. The real choice is between having good rules and bad ones. Good ones create internal predictability and simplicity that enables the group to deal with external uncertainty and complexity. As the author notes, it is just like music. Without the rules of harmony, rhythm, and tempo, music is just noise.

I invite you to engage with us on these myths and how they affect your organization.

Read the full article, here.

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