Using AI to Gain More ‘Human’ Insight Into Remote Team Sentiment

Clients frequently ask us about selecting, configuring, and integrating AI tools, especially when it comes to managing highly dispersed teams, like ours at P&C. This article references some that we have, in fact, integrated into our own MS Teams platform. One example, Sentiment Analysis Tools, can help managers understand the overall sentiments of their workforce. Over time, AI can help us understand the evolution of employees’ feelings and depict trends—measuring something subjective (emotion) in an objective way (KPIs). Engagement is another hot topic, not only because it impacts productivity and work quality, but also because lack of it can lead to team members leaving a company. To improve engagement, Predictive Attrition Tools can identify those at risk of quitting and suggest remediation steps. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Culture and Values—something near and dear to P&C. When it comes to building and preserving culture, AI-powered tools can provide a tangible way to measure this. In summary, the need for a communicative, supportive, and open professional environment has never been greater—and AI tools can help.

Read the full article, here.

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