What Makes an Artist in the Age of Algorithms?

Technology’s role in how art is generated remains up for debate and discovery. Both creatives and technologists are continually experimenting with how art is produced, consumed, and monetized. You may ask, “What is special and unique about an artist?” Are there ways in which technology can be used in music to help transcend barriers, create opportunities, increase accessibility? If AI could generate new music, the artist would be able to be everywhere at once. For example, we would have adaptive works that are suited contextually to people’s daily lives, what they’re doing: their favorite artists are singing to them, talking to them, painting for them in real time. The author has developed an actual example, genesis.json, a 24-hour piece of music and visual art—an adaptive composition that changes throughout the entire day, from sunrise to sunset. This mind-bending concept is worth more exploration, or at least a listen. We have found this work of tremendous value in solving for unique business needs for our clients across multiple industries including luxury retail, travel, and financial services. 

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