Whiteboard Session: Every Business Is a Software Business. 5 Ways that Change Management.

Join us for this quick whiteboard discussion with Jeff Gothelf and Joshua Seiden where we explore 5 key components of executing more effectively in the digital era. We believe these components are vital for executing effectively in the digital era and they form a pillar of our approach in ensuring the success of our Digital Reinvention engagements.

  1. Sense and respond–two-way conversation with the market that’s powered by technology.
  2. Collaboration–using cross-functional agile teams to approach product and services development efforts.
  3. Embrace continuous change–deploy changes rapidly, observe customer reactions, and respond rapidly. Use the interactions to learn and make incremental adjustments and improvements.
  4. Culture change–enabling and empowering cross-functional teams.
  5. Focus on outcomes–instead of focusing on features, functions, and products, focus on business outcomes.

Read the full Harvard Business Review article, here.

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