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Shape the Future: Join P&C Global for a Career of Impact and Innovation

At P&C Global, you’re not just starting a job; you’re stepping into a world of opportunities that span across six centuries of excellence and innovation. Join our team of over 7,500 experts, part of a global family that extends to 225,000 professionals across 178 industry-leading brands. Here, your career mobility transcends organizational boundaries, offering unparalleled growth and development prospects.

A Legacy of Growth and Opportunity

In the last five years alone, P&C Global has experienced a remarkable annual growth rate of over 30%+. As part of one of the world’s largest conglomerates, we offer a unique career experience that combines the stability and market leadership of a centuries-old organization with the dynamic, forward-thinking culture of a modern enterprise. Our focus is on long-term success, ensuring that our employees’ careers and lives are positively impacted by our strategic vision.

Transformative Work That Reshapes Industries

Every day at P&C Global is an opportunity to make a difference. Our work transcends traditional consulting, as we partner with clients to build capabilities, drive better outcomes, and tackle challenges that redefine industries. From advising clients across diverse sectors to enhancing digital and analytical capabilities, your work here has the power to create lasting, transformative impact.

Employee Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Experiences

Inclusive Excellence: Celebrating Diversity and Embracing Inclusion at P&C Global

At P&C Global, diversity and inclusion are more than just ideals; they are the pillars of our organizational identity. Our team of 7,500 employees, representing over 73 nationalities and speaking more than 22 world languages excluding English, exemplifies the rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives that define our global presence. This diversity is not only reflected in our workforce but also in the comprehensive nature of our employee benefits program and the varied backgrounds of our senior leadership team.

We take pride in creating an environment where every individual is valued and respected, regardless of how they define themselves or their families. Our commitment to inclusivity is deeply embedded in our ethos, guiding our actions and decisions. We understand that our strength and innovation stem from embracing the diverse experiences and viewpoints of our people.

We are dedicated to building a workplace that mirrors the diverse global communities we serve. We believe that by nurturing an inclusive culture, we empower our employees to bring their whole selves to work, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling us to better understand and meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

Empowering Your Career Progression

Whether your passion lies in strategic consulting, digital innovation, analytics, AI, or supporting the firm’s robust operations, your contribution at P&C Global is invaluable. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our annual investment of over $65 million in professional development, ensuring that every individual is equipped to excel and lead in their respective roles.

Sustainability and Responsibility: Core to Our Operations

Our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility is integral to our operations. We believe in making a positive impact not just in the industries we serve, but also in the communities we are part of. Join us in our mission to create a better, more sustainable future.

Industry-Leading Compensation and Benefits

Our commitment to your well-being and success is reflected in our industry-leading compensation packages. We understand that rewarding our team’s hard work and dedication is key to our collective success. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive benefits program that stands as the best in our industry, designed to support you and your family at every stage of your career and life.  See our new hire 2024 US Employee Benefits Program for yourself.  Our employees with five or more years of tenure enjoy a more generous suite of benefits offerings that surpasses most employer programs, regardless of industry. 

Client Service Talent: DNA & Roles

At P&C Global, we believe that the delivery of exceptional services is driven by a unique combination of our talented people, rigorous problem-solving capabilities, industry and functional expertise, and cutting-edge tools. Our people, guided by our organizational values and fueled by an unwavering commitment to breakthrough results, lie at the core of what sets P&C Global apart.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. It’s the driving force behind our ability to develop, organize, and lead, enabling us to find innovative solutions to complex business problems. We foster an environment that encourages the exploration of new ideas and empowers our teams to make a lasting impact on our projects and clients. One brilliant idea has the potential to revolutionize the way we work or ignite a transformative initiative that drives outstanding results for our clients’ businesses.


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