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Executive Search Excellence: Redefining Global Leadership Acquisition & Succession

In the high-stakes arena of business leadership, we don’t merely participate; we lead the charge. As a distinguished global management consulting firm, we are the benchmark that others aspire to reach. Our singular focus on executive search services for our esteemed clientele distinguishes us, solidifying our position as the trusted ally for organizations in pursuit of transformative leadership.

Each year, we successfully orchestrate over 500+ client searches, a testament to our relentless dedication and unparalleled expertise.​

Our reach extends beyond traditional roles, encompassing the full spectrum of leadership positions. From CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite executives to distinctive talent that ignites transformation, sparks innovation, and drives strategic differentiation, we relentlessly pursue excellence.


Our executive search service is not an ancillary offering; it’s our central expertise.​

We are not merely consultants; we are the master builders of leadership, sculpting the future of businesses one leader at a time. Our profound understanding of our clients’ businesses, their unique cultures, strategic objectives, and ongoing initiatives empowers us to identify leaders who not only fit in but excel.

Our clients, acknowledging our unmatched expertise and far-reaching influence, entrust us with this critical mission.​

We provide an elite executive search service, an exclusive privilege available only to our distinguished clientele. This exclusivity stems from our deep-seated understanding of our clients’ businesses, their distinctive cultures, strategic ambitions, and ongoing initiatives.


Our talent acquisition services transcend traditional recruitment.​

We are in the business of shaping organizational futures. Our commitment extends far beyond the initial placement, focusing on the enduring success and influence of the leader within the organization.

Our onboarding process is a meticulously curated immersion program, ensuring new leaders are thoroughly versed in the intricacies of the business, team dynamics, and corporate culture.

As the journey progresses, we continue to unlock potential at every level – individuals, teams, and the entire organization.


We are recognized as a top-tier firm, setting the benchmark for global executive search. Our unique blend of sophistication, caliber, agility, and adaptability sets us apart in the competitive landscape of management consulting. We are the standard-bearers in executive search, leading the way for others to follow.

Our People

Schneider Laura SharePoint 11302022
Managing Director
Talent Acquisition
Ellis Leo SharePoint 11302022
Senior Director
Recruiting Operations
Bass Stephanie SharePoint 11302022
Director of Executive Search
North America
Bertrand Danielle Marcelle 11292022
Director of Executive Search
European Union
Matasuki Sandra SharePoint 11302022
Director of Executive Search
Asia & Oceania

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