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Explore exciting career opportunities as a Principal Consultant at P&C Global. Join our dynamic team of experts, drive impactful projects, and leverage your expertise to deliver innovative solutions in a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

Welcome to P&C Global's Principal Consultants Careers

Are you ready to take your consulting career to new heights? At P&C Global, we are seeking highly skilled professionals to join our team of Principal Consultants. As a Principal Consultant, you will play a pivotal role in driving transformative projects, shaping strategies, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. Join us in our dynamic environment where expertise meets innovation.

Principal Consultants

Principals will apply deep understanding of multiple industries along with domain expertise in multiple disciplines including strategy and innovation, marketing, performance improvement, digital reinvention, and organizational behavior to work with clients to innovate and deliver transformative, sustainable solutions to the complex business opportunities faced by our clients. In addition to proven, experience-based expertise in multiple domains, they must have the ability to craft strategy, define recommendations, assess their corresponding value (i.e., ROI, improved cycle times, efficiencies, etc.) and then manage implementation and deployment for the client (Execution/Implementation, Program Management, Change Management, etc.).


They must be able to leverage their years of experience and industry best practices in advising clients. Principals are expected to serve as trusted advisors to C-level executives. It is critical that they are able to clearly and simply explain both technical and conceptual constructs to clients, and they must help organizations understand overarching business processes as well as the total cost of both action and inaction.


On a typical engagement, Principals execute against project plans set with the client, their vendors, themselves, and the Practice Leader responsible for the client initiative. They guide the client deliverables and work through challenges and opportunities to gather the information necessary to conduct analyses, synthesize results, and make recommendations. All work is expected to be completed with a high degree of accuracy and delivered within agreed budget and timeframe. Ideal candidates will show strength in:


  • Problem-Solving Creativity
  • Project Leadership – Operational, Analytical, and Cultural
  • Emotional Intelligence – Perception and Empathy
  • Teamwork – Across All Levels
  • Leadership – People, Knowledge, and Growth
  • Communication – Synthesis into Practical Recommendations

Skills and Experience

Why Choose P&C Global for Principal Consultants Careers?

  1. Challenging and Impactful Projects: As a Principal Consultant at P&C Global, you will tackle complex challenges and work on projects that create a significant impact. You will collaborate with leading organizations across various industries, shaping strategies, optimizing processes, and driving growth. Be prepared to make a difference and leave your mark on high-profile engagements.
  2. Collaborative and Supportive Environment: We foster a collaborative work culture that values teamwork, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. As a Principal Consultant, you will collaborate closely with a diverse group of experts, including consultants, industry specialists, and thought leaders. Together, we will leverage our collective expertise to deliver exceptional solutions and exceed client expectations.
  3. Continuous Learning and Development: At P&C Global, we prioritize your professional growth. We offer extensive learning and development opportunities to expand your skill set and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Through mentorship programs, training workshops, and access to cutting-edge resources, you’ll continuously enhance your expertise and unlock new career opportunities.
  4. Thought Leadership and Innovation: As a Principal Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to thought leadership and drive innovation within the consulting industry. P&C Global values fresh perspectives and encourages you to bring your innovative ideas to the table. We embrace technology advancements and leverage them to deliver transformative solutions for our clients.

Global Reach and Diverse Engagements: Joining P&C Global means being part of a global network of consultants and working on diverse engagements worldwide. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with teams across borders, experience different cultures, and tackle unique challenges. Expand your horizons and broaden your expertise as you navigate global projects with a supportive team by your side.

Join P&C Global's Principal Consultants Team Today

If you are a seasoned professional with a passion for driving strategic transformations and delivering exceptional value to clients, P&C Global welcomes you to explore the exciting opportunities as a Principal Consultant. 

Join our team of dedicated experts, leverage your skills and experience, and make a lasting impact as a Principal Consultant at P&C Global. Together, we will shape the future of consulting and drive meaningful change for our clients across industries and around the globe.

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