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Alex Reyes

Managing Director
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Alex Reyes is a Managing Director at P&C Global, where he holds prominent positions within the Data & Cognitive Sciences and Data Architecture practice groups. With a distinguished career in data and computer science with over 15 years of progressive leadership experience, Alex offers extensive expertise and a notable track record of leadership.

Alex’s impressive career trajectory includes key leadership roles at globally recognized organizations. At Kinaxis, he served as Senior Data Scientist, driving innovation and transforming business models with his advanced analytics strategies. During his tenure at Shopify, as the Head of Data Architecture, Alex implemented data infrastructures that significantly enhanced the company’s operational efficiency. Furthermore, as the Senior AI Architect at DeepMind, Alex made substantial contributions to developing pioneering AI solutions.

Alex’s exceptional professional accomplishments are complemented by an outstanding academic record. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Applied Computing (Data Science) from the University of Toronto, establishing a strong analytical foundation. Alex also holds a Global MBA from Imperial College London, equipping him with a broad understanding of global business strategies and leadership skills.

Beyond his professional life, Alex resides in Toronto with his husband, two daughters, and three Newfoundland labs. In his personal time, Alex has a passion for exploring the world. He is an avid traveler with a goal of visiting every continent, showcasing his curiosity and zest for understanding diverse cultures and environments. Additionally, Alex is an accomplished pianist, often finding solace and creative inspiration at the keys, reflecting his ability to harmonize logic and creativity, a quality that also manifests in his professional life.

In his roles as a Managing Director at P&C Global and a thought leader in both Data & Cognitive Sciences and Data Architecture, Alex Reyes remains committed to leveraging his expertise to drive innovative solutions. His work shapes P&C Global’s strategic direction and has a significant influence on the broader data and computer science disciplines.

Past Experience

Senior Data Scientist

Head of Data Architecture

Senior AI Architect

Academic Credentials

University of Alberta
BSc, Mathematics

University of Toronto
MScAC, Data Science

Imperial College London
Global MBA

Domain Expertise

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