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Managing Director
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Bruce Black is a seasoned Managing Director at P&C Global, where he plays a pivotal role in the Strategy & Innovation and Corporate Performance practice groups. Born in Canada and now residing in London, England, and Montreal, Bruce brings a wealth of international experience and a deep understanding of the financial services, travel and hospitality, and professional services industries.

Prior to joining P&C Global, Bruce held significant positions at McKinsey & Company as an Associate Principal and at Ernst & Young as a Senior Partner. At McKinsey, he spearheaded a team that developed a groundbreaking strategy for a major financial institution, resulting in a 20% increase in their annual revenue. At Ernst & Young, his leadership in a large-scale digital transformation project for a global hospitality brand led to a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction scores and a 15% increase in online bookings.

At P&C Global, Bruce has led several high-impact projects across different industries.

  • In the financial services sector, he guided a multinational bank through a strategic overhaul that resulted in a 25% increase in operational efficiency.
  • In the travel and hospitality industry, he led a team that developed an innovative customer experience strategy for a leading airline, leading to a 35% increase in customer loyalty.
  • In the professional services industry, he implemented a new performance management system for a global law firm, resulting in a 20% increase in employee productivity.

Bruce’s impressive academic credentials include a BCom in Operations and Logistics from the University of British Columbia and an MBA in Global Strategy & Leadership from McGill University. Further enhancing his expertise, he has earned executive education certifications in Strategic Leadership from the London School of Economics and in Innovation Management from Harvard Business School.

Away from his professional life, Bruce is an avid cyclist, often participating in long-distance cycling events. He finds that the focus and endurance required in cycling help him maintain his mental agility and resilience in his professional life. He is also a passionate collector of vintage vinyl records, a hobby that allows him to unwind and appreciate the creativity and artistry in music. In his own words, “Cycling keeps my body active and my mind sharp, while my love for music provides a creative outlet that helps me relax and recharge. Both are essential for maintaining balance in my life.”

With his strategic thinking, innovative approach, and commitment to excellence, Bruce Black continues to make a profound impact on P&C Global and the industries it serves. His work not only shapes the strategic direction of P&C Global but also significantly influences the broader business landscape.

Past Experience

Ernst & Young
Senior Partner

McKinsey & Company
Associate Principal

Academic Credentials

University of British Columbia
BCom, Operations and Logistics

McGill University
MBA, Global Strategy & Leadership

Postgraduate Credentials

London School of Economics
Executive Certificate,
Strategic Leadership

Harvard Business School
Executive Certificate,
Innovation Management

Domain Expertise

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