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Carl White

Managing Director
Beverly Hills
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Carl White, the Managing Director of P&C Global’s Professional Services Industry practice group in EMEA, is a renowned leader with over 25 years of experience in the law firm and management consulting industries. His innovative strategies and ability to translate complex concepts into actionable strategies have made him a trusted advisor to senior executives and boards across industries.

Before joining P&C Global, Carl held key leadership roles at tech giants like Capgemini, Linklaters, Dentons, and Accenture. His innovative strategies have consistently driven tangible business growth. His successful initiatives at P&C Global include:

  • For a leading global law firm, Carl spearheaded a performance optimization strategy that resulted in a 10% increase in efficiency. This led to an estimated annual savings of €75 million, thereby enhancing client service delivery and significantly reducing operational costs.
  • At a global management consulting firm, he introduced a values-based culture initiative that improved employee satisfaction by 7% and reduced turnover by 5%. This initiative saved an estimated €100 million annually, significantly reducing recruitment and training costs while enhancing the firm’s reputation as an employer of choice.
  • For a prominent consulting firm, Carl directed the deployment of an enterprise technology solution that increased operational efficiency by 25%, contributing to an estimated annual savings of €15 million.

Carl holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Manchester and an MBA from the London Business School. In his postgraduate academic career, Carl is a graduate of the Senior Executive Programme (SEP) from London Business School and INSEAD Certificate in Global Management with emphasis in Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Based in both Los Angeles and London, Carl White leads a vibrant and active lifestyle. A dedicated family man, he cherishes the quality time spent with his wife and children, creating lasting memories through their shared experiences.

Carl’s commitment to fitness is unwavering. As a fervent CrossFit enthusiast, he thrives on the intensity and camaraderie of the workouts. His determination and endurance are further evidenced by his accomplishments as a marathoner, a testament to his belief in pushing personal boundaries.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Carl harbors a secret talent that few know about – he’s an amateur magician. This hobby not only satisfies his love for performance and entertainment but also serves as a delightful surprise at social gatherings.

In addition to his personal interests, Carl is deeply committed to his community. He actively supports various charitable organizations, using his influence and resources to make a positive impact. Whether it’s in his professional sphere or his personal life, Carl’s dedication, and multifaceted personality shine through.

Carl’s philosophy on professional services is both insightful and forward-thinking. He believes, “In the professional services industry, we have the power to transform businesses and drive growth. At P&C Global, we prioritize aligning business objectives with core values to achieve strategic goals.”

As a thought leader in the professional services industry, Carl’s insights frequently appear in industry publications. His impactful work at P&C Global continues to shape the future of professional services, making him a prominent figure in the field.

Past Experience

Senior Consultant, Digital Marketing

Lead, Digital Marketing Strategy

Global Director of Digital Practice Management

Client Account Director

Academic Credentials

University of Manchester
BSc, Computer Science and Mathematics

London School of Business

Postgraduate Credentials

London Business School
Senior Executive Programme (SEP)

Executive Certificate,
Global Management

Domain Expertise

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