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Faith Johnston

Senior Director, Human Capital Management Systems
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Faith Johnston, the Senior Director of Human Capital Management Systems at P&C Global, is a dynamic leader who thrives on diversity and innovation. With over 15 years of experience, Faith’s exceptional talent and deep expertise in HCM and other enterprise applications have been instrumental in optimizing the firm’s talent management, payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, talent acquisition, and employee portals.

Faith’s portfolio paints a picture of a dynamic leader who thrives on diversity and innovation. She is responsible for the implementation, management, optimization, data management, and process improvement of the software applications and technologies deployed firm-wide. Her commitment to ensuring that the HCM systems support the organization’s human capital strategy on a global scale and anticipate future needs and trends has made her an invaluable asset to our global team.

Before her tenure at P&C Global, Faith held several pivotal roles in leading professional services firms in Canada. As the Manager of HR Systems at Deloitte Canada, she spearheaded the successful implementation of a new HCM system that streamlined HR processes, leading to cost savings of over $1.5 million annually through improved efficiency. Prior to that, she served as the HR Technology & Systems Manager at PwC Canada. In this role, she optimized the company’s HCM system, leading to a 25% increase in data accuracy. This improvement resulted in an estimated $2 million saved annually due to more accurate decision-making and reduced errors. Faith kick-started her career as an HRIS Analyst at EY Canada, where she honed her skills in HCM systems and data management, laying a solid foundation for her future career trajectory.

Faith’s academic credentials are equally impressive. She holds a BBA in Management & Information Technology from the University of Toronto, a MSc in Management Information Systems from the University of British Columbia, and a postgraduate certificate in Human Capital Management from the New York University School of Professional Studies. These prestigious institutions have equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her field.

In addition to her academic qualifications, Faith earned her Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM), and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certifications through her commitment to professional development and her expertise in her field.

During her tenure at P&C Global, Faith Johnston has made a significant impact. She implemented a new HCM system that increased data accuracy, resulting in an estimated annual savings of $12 million. She optimized the talent management system, improving talent acquisition efficiency and saving an estimated $15 million annually. Additionally, her process improvement initiative boosted overall productivity, translating to an estimated annual savings of $20 million. These impressive outcomes highlight Faith’s ability to leverage HCM systems to drive strategic outcomes and create substantial cost savings.

Faith’s approach to challenges is characterized by her analytical mind and innovative thinking. She believes in the power of technology and data to transform HR practices and is known for her ability to leverage HCM systems to drive strategic outcomes.

When Faith isn’t busy optimizing P&C Global’s HCM systems, she’s exploring the virtual world through her love for video gaming or immersing herself in the world of mystery novels. Her love for video gaming is a testament to her ability to navigate complex systems, while her passion for mystery novels underlines her analytical mindset and her love for solving complex problems.

Reflecting on her career journey, Faith once shared, “At P&C Global, our HCM systems are more than just tools; they’re the backbone of our human capital strategy. They enable us to manage our most valuable asset – our people – with precision and foresight. We’re not just keeping up with the present; we’re anticipating the future, driving strategic outcomes, and fostering a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. That’s the challenge, and the reward, of my role.”

Faith Johnston is a beacon of leadership, dedication, and a trailblazer in the realm of Human Capital Management Systems. Her authenticity and innovative thinking don’t just set the bar; they redefine it. Continually inspiring her team and shaping the future of P&C Global, Faith’s influence extends far beyond her title.

Past Experience

Deloitte – Canada
Manager of HR Systems

PricewaterhouseCoopers – Canada
HR Technology & Systems Manager

Ernst & Young – Canada
HRIS Analyst

Academic Credentials

University of Toronto
BBA, Management & Information Technology

University of British Columbia
MSc, Management Information Systems

Postgraduate Credentials

New York University School of Professional Studies
Executive Certificate,
Human Capital Management

Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)

Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM)

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Domain Expertise

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