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Glenn Meyer

Managing Director
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Glenn Meyer is a Managing Director at P&C Global, where he plays a dual role in the Data & Cognitive Sciences and Data Architecture practice groups. He is a proven leader in data science and data architecture, offering a wealth of knowledge and an extraordinary track record.

Glenn has held pivotal leadership positions at several globally recognized organizations. At Rolls-Royce, he served as Senior Data Architect, where his innovative strategies significantly bolstered the company’s vehicle analytics and predictive maintenance capabilities – adding significant value in improved customer experience outcomes and profitability. He was the Director of Data Sciences at Barclays Bank, where his data-driven solutions substantially enhanced operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Additionally, as the Lead Data Scientist at British Airways, Glenn’s expertise in data analysis and strategic planning played a critical role in advancing the airline’s network planning and optimization strategies which proved vital for its financial turnaround.

His robust academic background has been fundamental to his professional success. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Warwick, Master of Science in Data Science from University of Southampton, and Executive MBA from Imperial College London. These prestigious institutions endowed him with a keen analytical mindset and deep understanding of data structures and strategies.

Beyond his professional life, Glenn lives in London and is an active member of the local community. He is an avid chess player, with a penchant for strategic thinking and forward planning that he applies to both his personal pastime and professional role. Furthermore, Glenn is a dedicated long-distance runner and a seasoned triathlete, reflecting his commitment to discipline, perseverance, and continuous improvement – traits that also shine through in his professional work.

In his dual roles as a Managing Director at P&C Global and a thought leader in both Data & Cognitive Sciences and Data Architecture, Glenn Meyer remains committed to leveraging his expertise to drive innovation and excellence. His work not only shapes P&C Global’s strategic direction but also leaves a lasting impact on the broader data science and architecture industry.

Past Experience

Senior Data Architect

Barclays Bank
Director of Data Sciences

British Airways
Lead Data Scientist

Academic Credentials

University of Warwick
BSc, Statistics

University of Southampton
MSc, Data Science

Imperial College London
Executive MBA

Domain Expertise

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