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Jonathan Boyd

Managing Director
Beverly Hills
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Jonathan Boyd is a Managing Director at P&C Global, with significant roles in the Digital Transformation and Organization and Human Capital practice groups. He brings to the firm a wealth of experience and a commendable track record in Digital Transformation and Organizational Development.

Jonathan’s professional journey includes critical leadership roles at some of the most renowned global companies. At Oracle Corporation, he served as the Managing Director of Digital Transformation, steering the company through significant digital changes and advancements. As Senior Vice President of Organizational Development at FIS, Jonathan’s strategic and people-centric approach brought about substantial improvements in the company’s human capital strategies. Prior to FIS, he was the Interim Chief Information Officer at Macy’s, Inc., where he successfully led the company’s digital evolution and IT strategies.

Jonathan’s distinguished professional career is underpinned by an impressive academic background. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Southern California, a Master of Science in Computer Science from UCLA, and an MBA from the globally recognized MIT’s Sloan School of Management. This blend of science, technology, and business education equips him with a unique perspective and problem-solving ability that he brings to his professional role.

Away from his professional life, Jonathan and his wife reside in Beverly Hills. Jonathan is known for his passion for classic cars and often spends his weekends restoring vintage models, showing a level of patience, attention to detail, and historical appreciation that transcends into his professional life. His wife is a gourmet cook and they often host themed dinners, reflecting their shared passion for creating and nurturing relationships – a quality that Jonathan brings into his leadership and team-building activities.

In his role as a Managing Director at P&C Global and as a member of the Digital Transformation and Organization and Human Capital practice groups, Jonathan Boyd continues to utilize his expertise to drive innovative strategies. His work not only shapes P&C Global’s strategic direction but also impacts the broader digital transformation and organizational development industries.

Past Experience

Oracle Corporation
Managing Director of Digital Transformation

SVP Organizational Development

Macy’s Inc
Interim Chief Information Officer

Academic Credentials

University of Southern California
BS, Chemistry

University of California, Los Angeles
MS, Computer Science

Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Domain Expertise

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