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Lorette Cahill

Practice Director, Financial Services
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Lorette Cahill, a strategic visionary with a proven track record in digital transformation and corporate performance enhancement, leads the Financial Services Sector at P&C Global. With a unique blend of industry expertise and technological acumen, Lorette has become an invaluable asset in the digital transformation journey of any organization. Her profound knowledge in enterprise applications, spanning ERP, finance, HR, supply chain management, and CRM, positions her as a leading authority in the realm of business technology solutions.

In her 20 years of diverse experience, Lorette has become a trusted advisor in digital strategy, innovation, and corporate performance enhancement. Her strategic collaborations with C-suite executives and Boards of Directors across the financial services, private equity, management consulting, and legal sectors have made a significant impact. For instance, as the Managing Director of Technology Strategy at JPMorgan Chase Home Lending, she led an enterprise-wide digital transformation initiative that revolutionized their banking operations.

Prior to that, she served as the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Applications at Blackstone, a prominent private equity firm, where she orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul of their ERP and CRM systems. In the early stages of her career, Lorette was the Director of IT Strategy at McKinsey & Company, a renowned management consulting firm, where she was instrumental in optimizing their technology infrastructure.

Lorette’s academic credentials are as impressive as her professional journey. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an MBA with a focus on Financial Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Transformation from the Harvard Business School.

Further enhancing her credentials, Lorette holds several prestigious certifications. She is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and a Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) by ISACA, each demonstrating her deep understanding of enterprise IT governance and management. Additionally, Lorette is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, showcasing her expertise in process improvement and operational efficiency.

Outside of work, Lorette and her husband are avid rock climbers, a hobby that mirrors her professional life – always aiming for the top, overcoming obstacles, and enjoying the view from the peak. Moreover, Lorette and her husband share a passion for vintage car restoration. They often spend their weekends bringing classic cars back to life, appreciating the craftsmanship of the past and the satisfaction of seeing a forgotten gem roar back to life. This hobby mirrors Lorette’s professional life – reviving and transforming businesses, driving them towards success, and appreciating the beauty of the journey.

Throughout her tenure at P&C Global, Lorette has made significant contributions to the firm’s clients. Recent examples include:

  • Digital Strategy Leadership: Lorette led a digital strategy initiative for a major financial institution, driving a 40% increase in operational efficiency. This resulted in substantial cost savings of €200 million, showcasing her ability to leverage digital technologies to optimize operations and drive financial performance.
  • Product Innovation Expertise: In a notable engagement with a private equity firm, Lorette spearheaded a product innovation project that led to the launch of a pioneering fintech product. This innovation significantly enhanced the firm’s portfolio value, resulting in a remarkable increase of $1.5 billion. This achievement underscores her expertise in driving product innovation and creating substantial value in the financial services sector.
  • Enterprise Application Implementation: At another global financial institution, Lorette led the implementation of an enterprise-wide ERP system. This initiative streamlined the institution’s business processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in process time and generating an additional revenue of $2 billion. This success highlights her expertise in leveraging enterprise applications to enhance business efficiency and profitability.
  • Digital Transformation in Legal Sector: Lorette also spearheaded a digital transformation project for a global law firm. Her leadership in this initiative resulted in the firm’s transition to a cloud-based document management system, improving data accessibility and security. This transformation led to a 35% increase in the firm’s operational efficiency, translating to cost savings of £100 million. This accomplishment demonstrates her ability to drive digital transformation across various industries, including the legal sector.

Reflecting on her journey with P&C Global, Lorette says, “My time at P&C Global has been a journey of growth and transformation. We’ve pushed boundaries, innovated, and in the process, I’ve grown as a leader and as an individual. I’m excited about the future and the opportunities it holds for us. The sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.”

Past Experience

JPMorgan Chase Home Lending
Managing Director of Technology Strategy

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Application

McKinsey & Company
Director of IT Strategy

Academic Credentials

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
BSc, Computer Science

The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Postgraduate Credentials

Harvard Business School
Executive Certificate,
Digital Transformation

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