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Maria Flore

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Flore is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a strong background in the technology and professional services industries. With over 15 years of experience, Maria has held significant leadership positions at renowned companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and Thomson Reuters. Her expertise in finance strategies and initiatives has driven business growth and profitability throughout her career.

At P&C Global, Maria serves as the CFO, overseeing critical functions and teams within the organization. Her areas of responsibility include Finance, Tax and Compliance, Internal Audit, and Procurement. As a key member of the Firm’s Global Operating Committee, Compensation Committee, and Technology Task Force, Maria plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s financial strategy and driving operational excellence.

In addition, Maria serves as the Chair of the Corporate Development Task Force, guiding all strategic initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions. Her comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape and her ability to navigate complex transactions make her a valuable asset in driving the company’s growth and success.

Maria Flore has collaborated closely with our client engagement teams to develop and deliver innovative solutions for clients in the professional services industry, including top-tier management consulting and law firms. Here are a few notable examples highlighting her achievements and the quantified outcomes she has delivered:

  • Transformational Financial Optimization for a Global Management Consulting Firm: Maria spearheaded a comprehensive financial optimization program for a leading global management consulting firm. By streamlining financial processes, optimizing cost structures, and implementing strategic financial management practices, she successfully achieved annual cost savings of $10 million while improving profitability by 15%.
  • Strategic Profitability Enhancement for a Top-Tier Law Firm: Partnering with a prestigious law firm, Maria led a project to enhance the firm’s profitability and operational efficiency. Through strategic analysis and implementation of financial best practices, she identified cost reduction opportunities and optimized revenue streams, resulting in an increase in firm-wide profitability by 20% within the first year.
  • Financial Performance Transformation for a Global Advisory Firm: Working closely with a global advisory firm, Maria drove a financial performance transformation initiative. By implementing robust financial reporting systems, enhancing financial controls, and optimizing resource allocation, she achieved a 30% reduction in operating costs, resulting in annual savings of $5 million, while also improving overall financial performance by 25%.
  • Revenue Growth Strategy for a Leading Management Consulting Firm: Maria played a pivotal role in developing a revenue growth strategy for a renowned management consulting firm. Through thorough market analysis, financial modeling, and strategic pricing recommendations, she enabled the firm to increase its annual revenue by $50 million, achieving a substantial growth rate of 15% within a competitive market landscape.
  • Cost Efficiency and Profitability Enhancement for a Global Law Firm: Partnering with a global law firm, Maria implemented a cost efficiency and profitability enhancement program. By optimizing the firm’s cost structure, improving billing processes, and implementing strategic resource allocation, she achieved a 10% reduction in overhead costs, leading to increased profitability and a significant improvement in the firm’s bottom line.

These examples demonstrate Maria Flore’s exceptional ability to drive financial transformation, optimize profitability, and deliver quantifiable outcomes for clients in the professional services industry. Her strategic approach and deep understanding of finance have consistently helped our clients achieve their financial goals and establish a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Beyond her executive role, Maria is an active participant in triathlons. As an accomplished triathlete, she embraces the challenges of endurance sports, demonstrating her determination and resilience both inside and outside the boardroom. Maria’s dedication to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle mirrors her disciplined approach to finance and leadership.

With her extensive experience and diverse skill set, Maria Flore is a trusted CFO who consistently delivers exceptional results. Her contributions to P&C Global and her commitment to strategic initiatives make her an integral part of the company’s continued growth and success.

“Being the CFO at P&C Global and working alongside exceptional leaders like Nick and Nadim is an incredible experience. Their visionary leadership and commitment to meritocracy have empowered me to spread my wings and contribute to our firm’s success. The culture they’ve created values diverse perspectives and encourages innovation, allowing me to push beyond limits and deliver outstanding results for our clients. I’m grateful for the opportunities to shape financial strategies, optimize operations, and drive growth. Together, we are revolutionizing the industry and creating lasting value for our stakeholders.”

Past Experience

Thomson Reuters
Director, Finance Data Engineering & Architecture

Microsoft Corporation
Associate Director of Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Oracle Corporation
Assistant Controller

Academic Credentials

University of Toronto
BBA, Management & Accounting

University of British Columbia
Master of Business Analytics (MBAN)

Postgraduate Credentials

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Executive Certificate,
Leading Change and Organizational Renewal

Domain Expertise

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