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Mücahit Özkul

Practice Director, Manufacturing
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Mücahit Özkul, a dynamic force in the manufacturing sector, is redefining the industry’s landscape at P&C Global. His unique fusion of in-depth industry knowledge and tech-savvy prowess positions him as a key player in the digital transformation of any organization. Mücahit’s profound comprehension of enterprise applications, including ERP, finance, SCM, and more, has solidified his reputation as a leading authority in business technology solutions within the manufacturing sector.

With two decades of multifaceted experience, Mücahit has carved out a niche in the manufacturing, financial services, and global logistics sectors. His strategic alliances with top-tier executives have established him as a reliable consultant in digital strategy, innovation, manufacturing and supply chain optimization, and corporate performance enhancement. These strategic partnerships have catalyzed significant advancements in operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and revenue growth.

Before his tenure at P&C Global, Mücahit held several distinguished roles. As the Vice President of Manufacturing Strategy at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, he spearheaded a global initiative that revolutionized their manufacturing operations, yielding a 50% surge in operational efficiency and a substantial cost reduction of €300 million. Prior to this, he served as the Managing Director of Supply Chain Optimization at DHL Supply Chain, where he masterminded a comprehensive revamp of their global logistics systems, resulting in a 30% cut in delivery times and a 25% boost in customer satisfaction.

Mücahit’s academic credentials are equally impressive. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He also holds an MBA with a specialization in Supply Chain Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Transformation from the Harvard Business School.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Mücahit is a Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS, a Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). These certifications underscore his profound understanding of manufacturing and logistics management.

Outside the professional realm, Mücahit is a committed CrossFit enthusiast, a pursuit that reflects his professional ethos – setting lofty goals, maintaining a consistent pace, and persevering to the end. His dedication to CrossFit not only keeps him physically fit but also hones his mental agility, resilience, and strategic thinking – all vital attributes in his professional capacity.

Moreover, Mücahit is a certified parasailer, an adventurous pastime that demands calm under pressure, exploration, and a deep respect for the unknown. When away from London in warmer climates with an ocean nearby, this is his go-to method for decompressing.  This hobby mirrors his professional ethos – rising above challenges, adjusting sails to harness the winds of opportunity, and steering towards success. As Mücahit often quips, “In parasailing, as in business, it’s all about the depth of your exploration, not the length of your excursion!”

During his tenure at P&C Global, Mücahit has delivered impressive outcomes for clients.  Recent examples include:

  • Digital Transformation for a Leading Automobile Manufacturer:  Mücahit led a digital transformation project for a leading automobile manufacturer, which was facing challenges in managing its complex supply chain. Mücahit implemented an innovative ERP solution that streamlined the client’s operations, resulting in a 40% increase in supply chain efficiency. This strategic move led to an annual cost saving of €200 million, enhancing the client’s competitive edge in the market.
  • Product Innovation for a Global Retail Giant:  Recognizing the need for product innovation in a rapidly evolving retail industry, Mücahit spearheaded a project for a global retail giant. He introduced AI-driven inventory management systems that significantly reduced overstock and stockouts, leading to a 35% increase in sales. This strategic innovation resulted in an additional annual revenue of $500 million for the client.
  • Supply Chain Optimization for a Major Logistics Provider:  Mücahit was instrumental in optimizing the supply chain of a major logistics provider. He implemented a state-of-the-art SCM solution that improved delivery times by 30%, leading to a significant increase in customer satisfaction. This optimization resulted in an annual cost saving of €150 million, strengthening the client’s position in the logistics industry.
  • Digital Strategy for a Leading Manufacturing Company:  Mücahit devised a digital strategy for a leading manufacturing company that was struggling with outdated systems. He introduced cloud-based ERP and CRM systems that improved operational efficiency by 50%. This strategic intervention led to an annual cost saving of $300 million, boosting the client’s profitability in a competitive market.

To learn more about Mücahit’s work or to connect with him, reach out to him via email using the link above.

Past Experience

Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Vice President of Manufacturing

DHL Supply Chain
Managing Director of Supply Chain Optimization

Academic Credentials

University of Michigan
BSc, Industrial Engineering

Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Postgraduate Credentials

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

Six Sigma Black Belt

Certified Supply Professional (CSCP)

Domain Expertise

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