Tom Allen

Managing Director
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Tom Allen is a highly accomplished Managing Director and member of the Strategy & Innovation and Corporate Performance practice groups at P&C Global. With over two decades of professional experience spanning diverse industries such as travel and transportation, manufacturing, and commercial real estate development, Tom has consistently delivered exceptional results for both Global 500 companies and mid-market firms, as well as startups.

Throughout his career, Tom has held several notable leadership positions, showcasing his expertise in driving strategic initiatives and fostering innovation. At Groupe SEB, he served as the Vice President of Global Strategy, spearheading transformative projects that propelled the company’s market position and profitability. Prior to Groupe SEB, Tom served as the Senior Director of Business Development at Electrolux France where he played a pivotal role in developing key strategic partnerships to drive revenue growth. Prior to Electrolux, at Triple Five Group, he held the position of Director of Real Estate Development – France, successfully overseeing large-scale commercial real estate projects and contributing to the organization’s portfolio expansion in France.

Tom’s profound impact extends to his role at P&C Global, where he has leveraged his strategic acumen and innovative thinking to deliver remarkable results for clients across industries. Some notable accomplishments include devising and executing a US market entry strategy for a prominent global airline, resulting in 12% per annum revenue growth and increased market share. Tom also spearheaded a comprehensive product innovation program for a leading global consumer appliance manufacturer, leading to the successful launch of several groundbreaking products and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, in the realm of commercial real estate development, Tom orchestrated a strategic turnaround plan for a major project, optimizing operational efficiency and significantly increasing property valuation.

Complementing his professional achievements, Tom has pursued academic excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS) in International Relations from Tufts University, which has enriched his understanding of global dynamics and enhanced his ability to navigate complex business environments. Additionally, Tom holds an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School, further solidifying his strategic and leadership capabilities.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Tom resides in Paris with his wife and their two children. His wife, a French national, adds a unique cultural perspective to their lives. Together, they enjoy exploring the rich history and vibrant art scene of Paris. An amusing anecdote often shared by Tom is his wife’s light-hearted demand that living in France was a non-negotiable condition of their marriage.

Tom exemplifies a dynamic and accomplished business leader, combining a wealth of experience across industries, a robust academic background, and harnessing a strong commitment to innovation and strategic thinking to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Past Experience

Groupe SEB
Vice President of Global Strategy

Electrolux France
Senior Director of Business Development

Triple Five Group
Director of Real Estate Development,  France

Academic Credentials

Tufts University
BAS, International Relations

Harvard Business School

Postgraduate Credentials

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Executive Certificate,
Strategy & Innovation

Executive Certificate,
Global Leadership

Domain Expertise

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