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Virginia Blair

Chief Technology Officer
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Virginia Blair is a principal and esteemed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at P&C Global, bringing her far-reaching expertise to the firm’s technology strategy and initiatives. As a member of the Global Operating Committee and chair of the Diversity & Inclusion and Advanced Technology Research councils, Virginia’s influential voice resonates through all levels of P&C.

Her extensive career spans several key industries, including travel and hospitality, financial services, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and professional services. Her unique insight enables her to connect with clients worldwide, advising on technology strategy, digital transformation, IT overhauls, AI and data analytics, and cybersecurity protocols.

Virginia’s prowess in technology was honed at IBM, where she started her career and swiftly ascended the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming a Vice President in IBM Services. There, she led the Design and Business Strategy consulting practice, gaining a wealth of experience and a keen eye for innovation. She furthered her career at Amadeus IT Group, S.A., a global leader in distribution systems serving the travel and hospitality industries, where she served as Managing Director for a portfolio of technology businesses.

During her advisory career at P&C Global, recent examples of innovative results enabled by her expertise and strategic insight include:

  • For a major European online retailer, Virginia spearheaded the digital transformation strategy that integrated advanced AI and machine learning technologies into their operations. This led to an annual increase in online revenues of €180M and enhanced their customer experience, raising the NPS score by 35 points within a year.
  • Virginia worked with a large US healthcare provider to revamp their IT infrastructure and implement a state-of-the-art cybersecurity framework. This project led to an annual cost savings of $80 million by preventing data breaches, improving system uptime by 25%, and reducing time to resolve IT issues by 45%.
  • In partnership with a leading US automotive manufacturer, she facilitated the implementation of a cloud based, scalable IoT platform for enhanced vehicle analytics and autonomous driving features. This strategic initiative led to an increase in market share by 12% and improved customer satisfaction ratings within just 18 months.
  • Working with a global airline, Virginia designed a data-driven fleet management system integrated with real-time AI analytics. This led to annual cost savings of $115 million through optimized fleet utilization and predictive maintenance, reducing aircraft downtime by 20% in the first year.
  • Virginia implemented an AI-powered, personalized marketing strategy for a prestigious European fashion house. The sophisticated algorithms analyzed customer behavior to tailor unique shopping experiences, resulting in a 5x increase in online customer engagement and a 3x increase in annual online revenues.

Her educational credentials are equally impressive. Virginia holds an Executive Master in Change from INSEAD and both a MSc and BSc degree from Cornell University, focusing on Computer Science and Chemistry and Chemical Biology, respectively.

Virginia’s commitment to lifelong learning and staying at the forefront of technological and business innovation is evident in her vast array of executive certifications from globally renowned institutions.  She is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School; Executive Certificate in Digital Transformation from MIT Sloan School of Management; Oxford Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business from Said School of Business at University of Oxford; and Executive Certificate in Strategy and Organization from Stanford Graduate School of Business

Off the clock, Virginia exhibits a zest for life that matches her professional fervor. An ardent devotee of fitness, she starts her day with a regimen of yoga and Pilates and unwinds after work with invigorating trail runs in Vancouver’s lush natural parks or brisk walks along Toronto’s vibrant waterfront.

The beautiful dichotomy of her residential cities, the vibrant urban landscape of Toronto and the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver, provides a fitting backdrop for her dynamic lifestyle. Equally passionate about the performing arts, Virginia is a regular attendee at local theatre productions, ballet performances, and symphony concerts, cherishing the creativity and emotional depth they offer. Her active engagement with both physical exertion and artistic expression perfectly embodies her belief in a well-rounded life, a harmony of body and mind. The American transplant has found a unique blend of culture, nature, and city life in her Canadian abode, enhancing her appreciation for diversity, and continually sparking her innovative spirit.

Throughout her prestigious career, Virginia’s approach to technology strategy and innovation has been the foundation of her success, cementing her status as a transformative figure at P&C and within the technology sector at large.

Past Experience

Amadeus IT Group, S.A.
Managing Director

Vice President, IBM Services

Academic Credentials

Cornell University
BSc, Chemical Biology

Cornell University
MSc, Computer Science and Chemistry

Executive Master in Change

Postgraduate Credentials

Harvard Business School
Advanced Management Program

Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Executive Certificate,
Digital Transformation

Said School of Business
Oxford University
Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Executive Certificate,
Strategy and Organization

Domain Expertise

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