As part of P&C Global’s ongoing growth and service to our clients, we are excited to announce the official opening of our 11th office in Istanbul, Turkey.

This office reflects our commitment to long-standing clients in Turkey across diverse sectors including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Travel and Transportation, Luxury Retail, and Professional Services. Additionally, it strengthens our ability to respond to the strong demand we have experienced across Eurasian and Middle Eastern markets from clients in the above industries as well as additional ones such as Commercial Real Estate and Private Equity.

Our charter team in Istanbul is comprised of 12 senior professionals with broad expertise and deep familiarity with P&C Global’s ongoing activities in the region. Supplementing this founding group, we expect to announce additional members over the next several months. As always, we will continue to serve clients seamlessly across our global network of locations, drawing talent wherever needed to address business needs.

Located at One Maslak Tower, our office is in the heart of Istanbul’s European-side corporate center. Situated within this premier central business district, the office enjoys convenient access to many corporate headquarters, nearby luxury hotels, and two Istanbul Metro stations.

Please join us in celebrating this important milestone.

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