In the fast-growing field of data science, the expectation to do the work, as well as communicate insights effectively, is unrealistic. If you think you can hire unicorns to address this talent gap, think again. The best way is to approach this is to rebuild data science teams to include a combination of talents, led by an empowered stakeholder. Team members with project management, design, and storytelling skills will be essential to communicating data science effectively.

At P&C, we know a thing or two about this topic. With over 120 people worldwide on our data science teams, we consider our rare storytellers to be a vital and inseparable part of successful client outcomes. Creativity and the opportunity for impact often occur at the intersection of different worlds; actionable storytellers are a case in point, living right at the nexus of technical analysis and business implementation.

I like how this article contains both interesting history and grounded advice regarding how to approach that elusive ‘last mile’—the presentation of data science to lay audiences.

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