Nerd alert? Perhaps, but to me (and I think for you) this article is a fascinating view on Copilot, a major AI enhancement tool that programmers refer to as an AI genie. Ever since computers came to be, people have hunted for ways to make them easier to program. And Copilot is truly an amazing advancement. According to the author, he could type a line of code, and within a few seconds the AI would figure out where he was headed—then, boom, the next four or five full lines would show up as light gray text, which he could accept by hitting Tab. When he saw it produce clean code that did exactly what he was intending, he found it a bit uncanny. What’s more, the tool was improving his code. While we can all think of negative uses for this tool, the OpenAI founders saw massive upsides, perhaps it could help solve scientific problems, deal with climate change, or improve medical care. A worthwhile read, indeed. Please reach out to me to discuss your ideas for applications of this tool to your business.

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