How can brands withstand and thrive through today’s challenges of uncertainty and distrust? By harnessing ‘brand admiration’—positive emotions from brand usage and pride from brand ownership that generate a tight link between the brand and customers. This author explains that customers fundamentally want three types of benefits: those that enableentice, and enrich. Benefits that enable customers empower their daily lives. They help customers solve problems in ways that are economically feasible, reliable, efficient, and convenient. Benefits that entice please customers by stimulating their minds, senses, and hearts. They replace work with play, displeasure with gratification, boredom with excitement, and sadness with feelings of warmth. Those that enrich customers affect their sense of who they are as people. They want to act in ways that are consistent with their beliefs, values, and hopes. If you are looking for ways to enhance your brand, please reach out to me to learn more about building brand admiration.

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