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At P&C Global, we know the challenges and opportunities presented in the recent Harvard Business Review article, “Leveraging New Tech to Boost Supply Chain Resilience.” The article highlights the risks of Western companies’ reliance on low-cost manufacturing labor in Asia in the midst of a disruptive global supply chain. 

It also highlights the emergence of new technologies that can enhance supply chain resilience and facilitate the relocation of production closer to markets.

Here are the key findings and recommendations:

  1. AI + HI (artificial intelligence + human Intelligence): The maturity of AI, especially in cobots (robots that interact with humans in manufacturing facilities), can lower labor costs while retaining the value of human oversight.

  2. 3D printing: Advances in additive manufacturing are enabling companies to affordably produce a broad range of components and products, reducing reliance on distant suppliers.

  3. Recognition technology: AI-driven action recognition technology can ensure workers are correctly following complicated steps without errors, leading to better quality control and higher productivity.

  4. Digital manufacturing solutions: These systems track product manufacturing across workstations, provide end-to-end traceability, and ensure that only high-quality parts move downstream.

  5. Logistics technology: Investment in this area is increasing, especially in tools for warehouse management, matching freight loads to transportation capacity, and cost-effective routing.

Opportunities for our clients:

  1. Rethink what your customers really value: By focusing on what customers want and adapting or redesigning products for automated production, companies can make manufacturing easier to automate and less expensive while still delivering the attributes customers’ desire.

  2. Rebalance machine intelligence with human agency: AI, analytics, and robotics can reduce reliance on human effort, allowing workers to devote more time to investigating and learning from system failures while determining how to make the system more robust.

  3. Bring newer, higher-margin products closer to home first: Companies should begin relocating production of their higher-margin products closer to home and to customers, which can generate maximum benefits.

Recent client engagements:

  1. Retail client: By integrating AI + HI into their supply chain, we helped our client reduce labor costs by 40% and increase efficiency by 35%. This led to an impressive $50 million in annual savings, representing a significant 0.7% of their total annual revenue.

  2. Luxury home appliance manufacturer: Through the implementation of 3D printing technology, we reduced our client’s reliance on distant suppliers and cut supply chain costs by 25%. This resulted in €120 million in annual savings or approximately 1.7% of their total annual revenue.

  3. Global airline: We introduced digital manufacturing solutions for a global airline, providing end-to-end traceability and ensuring high-quality parts. This led to a 15% reduction in manufacturing errors, saving the company ¥500 million.

At P&C Global, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by these technological advancements. 

We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your organization leverage these opportunities to boost your supply chain resilience and achieve your business goals.

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