Elevating luxury retailers with strategic finesse, our consulting expertise unlocks new heights of prestige and prosperity.

Luxury retail is truly in our DNA. We know how to connect with ideal customers today, and for generations to come.

As a preeminent thought leader in fashion and luxury goods, P&C Global® has helped its clients tailor winning strategies to gain a competitive edge. Over the course of hundreds of engagements, we have applied our deep expertise across every facet of the value chain to help fashion and luxury goods companies thrive in a dynamic market. For example, we have nurtured promising new designers, expanded store networks to international markets, targeted emerging attractive customer segments, delivered seamless omnichannel experiences, adapted real estate strategies to exploit innovative store designs, revamped category management and merchandising approaches, deployed integrated e-commerce and point of sale solutions, launched socially conscious and sustainable sourcing programs, and optimized supply chains and inventory management capabilities.

Our People

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Chief Operating Officer
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Senior Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director

Our Experience

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Representative Clients

Client Outcomes

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Establishing a Retail Brand as a Fashion Authority

Client Outcomes Listing

Turning Losses Into Profits for a Global Apparel Retailer

Client Outcomes Listing
Board Executives

High-End Venues Transform from Retail Shopping to Vibrant Community Assets

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Commitment to Responsible Fashion

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Our Insights

Research & Insights

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Unleashing the Power of Ingenuity: Redefining Consulting in an Era of Constraints

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Avelo Airlines: A New Paradigm in Ultra-Low-Cost Travel

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