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Julienne Meyer

Chief Implementation & Delivery Officer

Julienne Meyer, a seasoned solutions deployment maestro with over 20 years of experience, holds the esteemed title of Chief Implementation and Delivery Officer at P&C Global. She leads the firm’s worldwide practice groups, domain competencies, implementation, and deployment teams, setting the bar high with her dedication to developing methodologies, adopting best practices, and fostering an extensive network of integrated partnerships.  She is the Chair of the Firm’s Strategy Committee and member of the Global Operating, Governance, Risk Management, and Ethics and Compliance committees.

Her sector expertise spans retail, financial services, travel and transportation, and manufacturing, enriched by her proficiency in business operating model design and optimization, workforce development, change management, design thinking, and corporate strategy.

Launching her career at the renowned Groupe Galeries Lafayette, Julienne climbed the corporate ladder, amassing a wealth of experience in buying and merchandising across the group’s various subsidiaries. Her skillset caught the attention of Royal Bank of Scotland, where she took on leadership roles in corporate development, charged with crafting, executing, and integrating acquisitions. Following the successful execution of multiple high-profile acquisitions, Julienne was headhunted by the Triple Five Group, one of the world’s largest privately held conglomerates, to spearhead their Global Portfolio Development team.

At P&C Global, Julienne blends her extensive industry experience and advisory acumen to deliver cutting-edge solutions that fuel innovation and amplify performance for clients across all industries. Her project leadership prowess shines through in multiple client engagements:

  • For a luxury retail client, Julienne steered a workforce development initiative that resulted in a 25% increase in employee productivity and a 15% uptick in sales.
  • Working with a travel and hospitality client, she led a change management project that led to a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings and a 20% increase in repeat bookings.
  • For a manufacturing client, she oversaw a business operating model optimization project that resulted in a 20% reduction in operational costs and a 10% boost in production efficiency.

Julienne’s formidable academic pedigree includes an MBA from INSEAD, a BA in International Business from Sorbonne University, an Executive Certificate in Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation from INSEAD, an Executive Leadership Program certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.

Julienne and her family make their home in both Paris and Los Angeles, truly embodying the spirit of global citizens as they split their time between these two vibrant business hubs. In her downtime, Julienne enjoys sailing, a skill she picked up while navigating the challenging waters of international business. An avid reader, she has an affinity for historical biographies, often drawing parallels between past leaders’ challenges and today’s business landscape.

A funny anecdote she often shares involves her competitive relationship with her husband, whom she met during her tenure at Triple Five Group. Both holding parallel roles, they found themselves engaged in friendly professional competition, which led to them jokingly referring to their relationship as “the corporate version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The dynamic duo managed to keep their rivalry playful and constructive, which eventually blossomed into love and a successful marriage. Their story serves as a perfect example of finding harmony amidst competition, a principle they both carry into their professional lives.

Reflecting on her journey with P&C Global, Julienne shares with a warm smile, “Being part of P&C Global has been like embarking on an expedition to scale the highest peaks. Each step, each decision, has been a climb towards personal and professional growth. Nick and Nadim, our CEO and COO, are like our seasoned guides, always charting the path ahead with remarkable foresight. But the journey wouldn’t be the same without the brilliance, dedication, and support of my peers and other senior professionals in the firm. They are the fellow climbers who make our team strong and resilient. As we continue this expedition, I’m excited to see the new heights we will reach. And remember, in this journey, there’s no such thing as a setback – only opportunities to learn and grow!”

Julienne Meyer, a stalwart leader in her field, continues to pave the way in delivering world-class solutions and driving P&C Global’s ambitious objectives. Her combination of industry expertise, academic excellence, and a results-oriented approach positions her as a leading light in the world of business transformation.

Past Experience

Triple Five Group
Head, Portfolio Development

Royal Bank of Scotland
Senior Director,
Corporate Development

Groupe Galeries Lafayette
Group Merchandising

Academic Credentials

BA, International Business


Postgraduate Credentials

Executive Certificate,
Leading Digital Transformation

Stanford Graduate Business School
Executive Leadership Program

Harvard Business School
Advanced Management Program

Domain Expertise

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