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P&C Global is at the forefront of leveraging advanced technologies for financial sector clients to connect with their consumers while simultaneously maximizing the potential of their human capital.

Consumers around the globe expect financial services organizations to efficiently and conveniently service them at scale, but with a personalized touch, thereby creating an increasing focus upon technological capabilities. At P&C Global®, our expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, enterprise solutions, user experience, system integration, and network infrastructure enable these institutions to innovate and retain a competitive edge within a demanding marketplace, developing reputations as disruptors.

At the same time, we recognize that true long-term competitive advantage stems from having a highly skilled, engaged, diverse, and dynamic employee population that will keep delivering such innovations well into the future. To this end, we develop impactful recruiting programs, honing employee value propositions and positioning our clients as employers of choice to a broad array of target candidate segments. We work with clients to systematically onboard new recruits, implement learning and development programs to create a pipeline for the next generation of leaders, and sponsor diversity and inclusion efforts to maximize the engagement of all employees.

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Senior Managing Director
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Managing Director

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Private Equity Consulting

Goldman Sachs: The Way Forward Conference – David Rubenstein, Co-Founder, The Carlyle Group

Client Outcomes Listing
Financial Sector Consulting

Moving Beyond Traditional Equipment Finance

Client Outcomes Listing

Coming Back to Work: Harnessing the Value of Experience

Client Outcomes Listing
Private Equity Consulting

Goldman Sachs: The Way Forward Conference – Jim Fitterline, Dow and Julie Sweet, Accenture

Client Outcomes Listing

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Research & Insights

Unleashing Potential: Leadership and HR’s Role in Shaping a Robust Organizational Culture

Research & Insights

Unleashing the Power of Ingenuity: Redefining Consulting in an Era of Constraints

Research & Insights

Avelo Airlines: A New Paradigm in Ultra-Low-Cost Travel

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