Our Culture

Our Employees Benefit From P&C’s Multi-Generational Heritage

The pillars of our success as a business follow the principles that we have cultivated over multiple generations—as part of a 180-year-old conglomerate that is one of the largest and oldest privately held companies in the world with over 175,000 employees spanning a constellation of industry leading brands. The benefits of becoming part of the P&C Global® family align with our history, culture, and values.

While we provide all the health and wellness benefits that you’d expect from a global organization, we also have some unusual benefits to accommodate an individual’s specific career path and desire for personal growth.

For employees who come to us from already established professions in science, technology, finance, retail, transportation, and consulting, P&C provides an almost unlimited range of opportunities to grow, try new things, and enrich your career.

Collaboration with Others

Inclusion and Diversity

Merit and loyalty—your sweat equity and the results you deliver—are the characteristics that matter the most to the P&C family. When you look at our organization globally, more than half of our leaders are women, but unlike other consultancies, we don’t ask about race or ethnicity—it’s irrelevant; marriage status—also irrelevant. Beyond needing that information for medical benefits after you have joined us, we simply do not care. What we value are individuals and families (however you define your family). If you have tenure with us, we’re invested in your family, as an extension of you.

Growth & Innovation

Opportunities, Beyond the Obvious

As a large organization, we have some rules and processes that you must follow. Once hired, you must stay in that position for a specific length of time before you can be considered for a promotion or venture outside of that business unit—even if you come to us with years of experience. Our ‘prove-out period’ is designed to not only evaluate your functional skills, but also softer skills that cannot easily be measured—your ethics, your ability to collaborate across diversified teams and cultures, and sense of duty. After that period, you are a free agent and can apply to other positions through our internal job board across the global constellation of market leading brands owned and operated by our parent organization. And, if a new opportunity within the organization or a personal life event opens other doors in your life (i.e., relocation, marriage, new family member, etc.), we will support you as long as there is an effective, equitable decision for you, P&C, and our clients.

Global Presence

Global Connections, Professional & Personal

Within the broader organization, as part of a global conglomerate, we are located in over 100 countries across five continents. We enjoy an enormous social network, where people frequently connect to other employees. We hear so many stories about employee’s children going to college, living abroad, and being welcome at another employee’s home—whether for safety, familiarity, or pure enjoyment. That’s just one more benefit of being part of an extended family. Obviously, there are client and vendor connections when you travel frequently, and those connections often become long term, enduring friendships.

Intelligence & Thoughtfulness

Passion for Lifelong Learning & Education

We highly value education. In fact, you must have a master’s degree to be hired and it is expected that you will further your education over time. P&C will pay for an advanced degree that has value to our organization. The program must be at one of the accredited schools on our approved list and you must maintain excellent grades. In return, you are obligated to stay with us for a specified number of years. Unlike many other programs, your children can also receive this benefit, as long as you are tenured and your children maintain the same high standards.

Looking to further your hobby or fulfill an adventure? Whether cooking Indian food, taking a deep dive to the Mariana Trench, or living with goat herders in Tibet, our employees have taken advantage of these opportunities and more through our ‘Personal Endeavour Credits’.

Long Term Thinking

Career Evolution & Appreciation
of Life Outside of P&C

Our family of companies are fully insured globally, so know—with confidence—that as an employee, you have access to the best healthcare available. We also care about the stressors of the job and your mental health. Our internal triggers are designed to let Human Resources know when someone is working too many hours that are not sustainable. For fun, comradery, and education we organize group tours of an entire region to expose you to all facets of our multi-national parent and get you integrated into the company. As a tenured employee, you’ll also be invited to our leadership summits.

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