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Adisa Ayodele

Director, Treasury Management
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Adisa Ayodele is the Director of Treasury Management at P&C Global. Adisa is a seasoned financial professional with over 15 years of experience in corporate finance and treasury management functions with leading global professional services firms. She is a British national with a rich Nigerian heritage, and her diverse cultural background lends unique perspective to her work, driving an inclusive and global approach to finance and treasury management.

Her professional journey includes significant leadership positions at several globally recognized professional services firms. She served as a Director, Corporate Finance at Ernst & Young UK, where she played a pivotal role in optimizing their financial operations. Prior to this, Adisa was the Assistant Director of Treasury at Deloitte, driving innovative treasury management strategies. Her career commenced at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she rose to the position of Treasury Manager, leading key finance initiatives.

A distinguished scholar, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Leeds and holds a Master of Science in Financial Management from the London School of Economics. Further enhancing her professional expertise, she completed an Executive Education program in Corporate Finance from Harvard Business School.

Adisa makes her home in the vibrant city of London. When she’s not immersed in corporate finance, she’s an avid reader with a passion for African literature and enjoys spending her weekends exploring the city’s rich cultural and culinary scene.  She is also an avid gourmet cook and go-to source of expertise within the Firm for our other aspiring chef!

Adisa approaches her work with a memorable ethos: “At P&C Global, our currency is trust. And like any good treasurer, I aim to manage and invest it wisely. As for risks, we take them seriously but remember, the biggest risk in life is not taking any. And yes, that’s my free financial advice for the day.”

Her forward-thinking, inclusive leadership style, combined with her extensive experience and innovative approach to treasury management, positions Adisa as an indispensable asset to P&C Global.

Past Experience

Ernst & Young UK
Director, Corporate Finance

Assistant Director, Treasury

Treasury Manager

Academic Credentials

University of Leeds
BSc, Economics

London School of Economics
MSc, Financial Management

Postgraduate Credentials

Harvard Business School
Executive Certificate,
Corporate Finance

Domain Expertise

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