Kimberly Grisham

Senior Director, Benefits & Compensation
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“Creating a culture of recognition and fairness, nurturing a community of satisfied and motivated individuals – that’s what makes my job so rewarding,” says Kimberly Grisham, the Managing Director of Global Compensation and Benefits at P&C Global. A visionary leader with an impressive 20-year career, Kimberly’s strategic approach to global compensation strategies, employee benefits management, and performance management systems has made her an invaluable asset to our global team.

Under Kimberly’s leadership, P&C Global has seen significant improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity. She designed a compensation program that increased employee retention by 15%, developed a benefits program that improved employee satisfaction by 25%, and implemented a performance management system that boosted overall productivity by 20%. These achievements underscore her commitment to creating a work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

Prior to joining P&C Global, Kimberly held several significant roles. As the Head of Compensation and Benefits at KPMG UK, she led the development of a groundbreaking compensation model that increased employee satisfaction by 30%. Before that, she served as the Director of Employee Rewards at Deloitte UK, where she successfully revamped the company’s benefits program, leading to a 20% increase in employee satisfaction. Kimberly began her career as a Compensation Analyst at Accenture, where she honed her skills in market research and analysis.

Kimberly’s academic credentials are equally impressive. She holds a BSc in Management with emphasis in Finance from the University of Warwick, a MSc in Human Resources and Organizations from the London School of Economics, and a postgraduate “Certificate in Management” from the London Business School. These prestigious institutions have equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her field.

In addition to her academic qualifications, Kimberly is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), a Global Remuneration Professional (GRP), and a Certified Benefits Professional (CBP). These certifications, awarded by the WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals, further attest to her expertise and commitment to her profession.

When Kimberly isn’t busy charting the course of P&C Global’s compensation and benefits programs, she’s navigating the cosmos through her astrophotography hobby or strategizing her next move on the Go board. Her love for astrophotography is a testament to her ability to appreciate the bigger picture, literally and figuratively, while her passion for Go, an ancient board game, underlines her strategic mindset and her love for a good challenge.

On the home front, Kimberly is the loving wife and mother to two energetic sons. They have humorously appointed her as their personal ‘Director of Fun’, a role that requires her to coordinate everything from weekend football matches to impromptu backyard camping adventures. It’s a demanding role, but Kimberly takes it in stride, often joking that managing her sons’ social calendars is more challenging than navigating the complexities of global compensation and benefits!

Kimberly Grisham is a visionary leader, a dedicated professional, and an inspiring figure in the world of global compensation and benefits.

Past Experience

Head of Compensation and Benefits

Deloitte UK
Director of Employee Rewards

Compensation Analyst

Academic Credentials

University of Warwick
BSc, Management

London School of Economics
MSc, Human Resources and Organizations

Postgraduate Credentials

London Business School
Executive Certificate,

Domain Expertise

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