It’s time to turn our attention to the topic of resiliency—not only to recognize and congratulate those who have successfully transformed their businesses, but also to include it as an imperative for leadership. This is not just semantics; businesses must become operationally resilient. They must be able to scale their businesses up or down, this way or that, in a matter of days, not weeks—certainly not months. At P&C we walk the walk, having developed, AND implemented resiliency initiatives for global airlines, retailers, professional services firms, and others prior and especially during the pandemic. Whether enabling law firms to pivot to work from home while maximizing revenues or implementing virtual runways to transform the customer experience for luxury retailers, we possess the discipline and skills to improve business processes that maximize client outcomes—today and in the future.

This article underscores the shortcomings of outdated business processes, defining business resilience as a state in which the business can pivot so quickly that competitors find themselves dumbfounded—where every business process is lean, swift, and easily modified to meet any customer requirement.

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