As a firm, we are fortunate to have many professionals who—in addition to their years of experience with market-leading, established companies—also have successful startup entrepreneur track records.

Lean start-up DNA is at the core of our firm and the list of recognized brands that our professionals have launched during their careers include NetSuite, Silvercar, Oracle On Demand, Washlava, and others.

We believe using lean start-up methods can work effectively in both new business ventures as well as rapidly innovating and launching new products in large, established companies. In fact, we have used lean start-up methods to help some of our largest clients develop, iterate, and launch highly successful new products and services, as referenced in this video.

Join us for this 9-minute video based on an article by Steve Blank that was originally published in the Harvard Business Review. The video provides an overview of lean start-up methods and discusses how they can be applied to your business.

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