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Our engagements with top global airlines and airports encompass the development of award-winning products and customer experiences, digital transformations and cost optimizations, and rapid responses to Covid-19 impacts.

Airlines are complex, global businesses that deliver the promise of a connected world while living up to ever higher customer expectations for innovation, superior service, value, and safety. Leveraging our technology and luxury retail DNA, P&C Global® innovates new products and services for its clients to delight their customers and employees while raising the bar for their competitors. We bolster brands, improve performance, and create technology that transforms the industry. In response to the pandemic, recent engagements have included brand marketing campaigns, revenue optimizations, the development and implementation of new safety protocols and procedures, fleet, network, and cost redesigns, technologies to ensure passenger and employee health safety, and contactless experiences pre-flight, inflight, and upon arrival.

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Destination Marketing to Stimulate Travel Demand

Commercializing a Technology Leap: Maglev trains

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A Global Airline Pivots to Respond to a Pandemic While Safeguarding Its Customers and Employees

We Are Air France

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qatarCargo white

Global Cargo Operations for Passenger Airlines

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mandarinorientalhotelgroup white

I Am a Fan: Stanley Tucci

Client Outcomes Listing

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Unleashing Potential: Leadership and HR’s Role in Shaping a Robust Organizational Culture

Research & Insights

Unleashing the Power of Ingenuity: Redefining Consulting in an Era of Constraints

Research & Insights

Avelo Airlines: A New Paradigm in Ultra-Low-Cost Travel

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