Corporate Performance

Grow revenue, improve margins, and reposition quickly.

How much better, faster, or smarter could you do what you do? Today’s markets are unforgiving. Investors punish even small earnings misses. Competitors undercut your prices. At P&C Global®, our Performance Improvement services equip you to grow earnings and outperform the competition. Whether you need to reduce costs in procurement, SG&A or operations; increase R&D effectiveness; root out complexity; or build your ability to do all of the above—P&C Global can help. On average, our clients realize annual returns of 35 times fees. P&C Global helps you reimagine your operations to lower costs, unlock growth, and unleash your strategy.

Our People

Nick Pournader
Chief Executive Officer
Meyer Julienne SharePoint 11302022
Chief Implementation & Delivery Officer
Saaleh Nadim SharePoint 11302022
Chief Operating Officer

What We Offer

Client Outcomes

Law Firm Consulting

Sparking Legal Careers of Passion, Joy, Camaraderie, and Excellence

Client Outcomes Listing
target white

Merchandising During a Pandemic: Promoting Product Experiences via Social Media (Self Care)

Client Outcomes Listing
Freshfield white

Driving Awareness as an Employer of Choice for Talent for a Global Market Leader

Client Outcomes Listing
GroupeLafayette White

Commitment to Responsible Fashion

Client Outcomes Listing

Our Insights

Research & Insights

Unleashing Potential: Leadership and HR’s Role in Shaping a Robust Organizational Culture

Research & Insights

Unleashing the Power of Ingenuity: Redefining Consulting in an Era of Constraints

Research & Insights

Avelo Airlines: A New Paradigm in Ultra-Low-Cost Travel

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