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Senior Managing Director
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Jennifer Thomas, a seasoned and dynamic leader, serves as the Senior Managing Director at P&C Global. She leads the Organization and Human Capital practice worldwide, making her one of the most influential members of the Corporate Performance, Digital Transformation, and Strategy and Innovation practice groups. She also leads the Agility and Innovation domain competencies, and she holds the esteemed position of Chair of the Firm’s Compensation Committee, while also serving on the Governance, Strategy, and Ethics & Compliance committees.

With over two decades of rich experience, Jennifer has honed her expertise across multiple industries including retail, financial services, high-tech, logistics, and travel & hospitality. She is known for her strategic partnerships with client CEOs, C-suite executives, and Boards of Directors, providing invaluable insights on organizational strategy and development, succession planning, remuneration and compensation, talent acquisition, leadership development, and digital transformation initiatives.

Jennifer’s career began at Marks & Spencer PLC, where she held various positions in buying and merchandising across the group’s multiple brands, culminating in her role as Managing Director of Group Merchandising. Her leadership prowess led her to the Royal Bank of Scotland, where she served in multiple leadership positions, ultimately becoming the Head of Corporate Development for a portfolio of global organizations’ holdings.

Jennifer’s academic credentials are as impressive as her professional journey. She holds a BA in International Business from Sorbonne University, an MBA from INSEAD, and an Executive Master in Management of International Organizations (EMMIO) from the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. Further enhancing her credentials, Jennifer is a Certified Strategic Planner (CSP) by the Association for Strategic Planning and a Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (CSCA) by the Institute of Management Accountants.

Throughout her tenure at P&C Global, Jennifer partnered with client chief executives and board chairs and led the Firm’s client engagement teams to deliver impressive results for our clients.  Recent examples of her steadfast and innovative client outcomes include: 

  • Digital Transformation Leadership: Over a two-year period, Jennifer’s strategic vision led a digital transformation initiative for a top-tier global retail company. Her leadership resulted in a groundbreaking 30% increase in online sales, which translated to a staggering revenue boost of €500 million. This achievement underscores her ability to harness digital technologies to drive exponential growth in the era of digital commerce.
  • Talent Acquisition Expertise: Within 18 months of implementing a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy for a leading global high-tech firm, Jennifer’s efforts culminated in the recruitment of industry-leading professionals. This strategic move contributed to an extraordinary $2 billion increase in the company’s market value. This accomplishment demonstrates her proficiency in identifying and attracting top-tier talent, thereby significantly enhancing organizational competitiveness and value.
  • Succession Planning Acumen: Over a span of three years, Jennifer played a pivotal role in a succession planning project for a major global financial institution. Her strategic foresight and meticulous planning ensured a seamless leadership transition, bolstering shareholder confidence and resulting in a £1 billion increase in shareholder value. This success highlights her ability to navigate complex leadership changes while maintaining organizational stability and driving substantial growth.

These achievements are a testament to Jennifer’s strategic vision, leadership prowess, and her ability to deliver quantifiable results that drive organizational success on a global scale. Her track record at P&C Global is a compelling demonstration of her capacity to create significant value for clients across diverse industries.

Jennifer is more than a dynamic leader at P&C Global; she’s an outgoing mentor, a strategic thinker, and an adventurous spirit. Her vibrant personality shines through in her leadership style, making her a cherished guide to the firm’s rising stars.

Away from the boardroom, Jennifer’s zest for life is evident in her hobbies. She and her husband enjoy the strategic dance of fencing, a testament to her quick decision-making and competitive spirit. They also relish the thrill of hot air balloon rides, embodying Jennifer’s approach to business: aiming high, savoring the journey, and appreciating the broader view.

Reflecting on her seven-year tenure at P&C Global, Jennifer says, “It’s been a transformative journey, filled with challenges, opportunities, and victories. I’ve grown as a leader and as a person. The firm’s culture, team camaraderie, and pursuit of excellence have shaped me. I’m grateful for every experience and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. At P&C Global, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s just the beginning.”

Past Experience

Royal Bank of Scotland
Senior Director,
Corporate Development

Marks and Spencer PLC
Managing Director,
Group Merchandising

Academic Credentials

Sorbonne University
BA, International Business


SDA Bocconi School of Management
Executive Master, Management of International Organizations (EMMIO)

Postgraduate Credentials

Association for Strategic Planning
Certified Strategic Planner (CSP)

Institute of Management Accountants
Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis (CSCA)

Domain Expertise

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